Antoine Dillinger

Postdoctoral Fellow



  • M.Sc. Earth Science School and Observatory, University of Strasbourg, France, 2011
  • Ph.D. School of Earth Sciences, University of Western Australia, 2018

Research Interests

Antoine is a sedimentary geologist and basin analyst specialised in clastic sedimentology and stratigraphy, but with significant interests in sedimentary petrology, petrophysics, and geochronology. His past experiences include assessing rock properties and reservoir quality of sedimentary geothermal plays in South and Western Australia, deciphering stratigraphic patterns in Lower Permian shallow-marine deposits along a rift margin in southeast Gondwana, and evaluating sediment provenance through radiometric dating. His current postdoctoral research at ARISE takes him to Alberta where he will be reconstructing Early Cretaceous depositional environments and paleogeography, and interpret the controls underpinning their evolution.