Teaching & Research Facilities

Modern laboratory and field-related facilities are an integral part of earth science teaching and research. The Department of Earth Sciences well equipped, with a variety of these facilities, including:

Information Facilities General Use Facilities
  • Graduate Project Laboratory
  • 5x vehicles (1- 24 passenger bus, 2 Toyota 4WD trucks, 1 ATV, 1 zodiac)
Faculty of Science Facilities Sample Preparation Facilities
  • Rock Crushing and Prep
  • Mineral separation & picking
  • Mineral Extraction from Thin & Thick Sections
  • Soil preparation
Analytical facilities Modelling Facilities
  • Geotechnical modelling
  • Hydrogeology modelling
  • Seismology modelling
Hydrogeology Facilities
  • Pump testing equipment (2 Grundfos pumps, Honda generator)
  • Water level equipment (submersible pressure transducers & dataloggers; Solinst water level tapes)
  • Chemical sampling equipment (Multi-parameter sonde with datalogger; sampling equipment; field test kits)
Geodetic Facilities
  • 2 System 530 Leica dual-frequency differential GPS receivers
  • 2 Promark 3 single-frequency differential GPS receivers
  • Optech ILRIS-3D Laser Ranging and Imaging System
  • Riegl 4000 Laser Ranging and Imaging System
  • 3x Impulse & Laser rangefinders
  • Pentax AL 240/270 AutoLevel & TS3 Tripod
  • Survey level w/ stadia rod/tripod & Hultafors Rod

Geophysical Facilities

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (see rental conditions)
  • EM-31-MK2 Ground Conductivity meter
  • GSM-19W Magnetometer
  • LCR Micro-gravity meter with continuous feedback
  • Geometrics 24 Channel SmartSeis exploration seismograph
  • Self-potential electrical survey equipment

Geochemical Facilities

  • Vaisala GM70 CO2 sensor
  • MultiGAS system (H2O,CO2,SO2,CO,H2S)
  • FLYSPEC UV spectrometer (SO2)

Geotechnical Facilities

  • Point load tester
  • Slake Durability apparatus
  • Cone pentration device
  • 2x Liquid limit devices
  • Schmidt hammer & calibration block
  • 4x Torvanes
  • 4x Pocket Penetrometers

Facility User Fees