Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Fellowship

The Peter Kennedy Memorial Graduate Fellowship is presented to the outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated academic and teaching excellence. This award is named after the late professor Peter Kennedy.

2019 winner

Thomas VigiƩ

Thomas VigiƩ, comes from France, in the Basque country. He studied Economics in France until his masters, and came here for the PhD. His research interests are in Econometrics.In particular, he aims to design and provide statistical tools that help economists answer quantitative questions with more accuracy. Besides all this teaching is something he truly enjoys, as it allows him to re-learn some concepts in a different way.

Past winners

2018: Yaser Sattari

2017: Mahsa Akbari

2016: Xiao (Christy) Yu

2015: Reza Sattari, Specialist, Housing Finance Policy at CMHC

2014: Edouard Djeutem, Senior Economist, Bank of Canada

2013: Nick Dadson, Manager, Analysis Group

2012: Daniele Signori, Head Trader, DV Trading