Richard G. Lipsey Award

The Richard G. Lipsey Award is given to the continuing PhD student with the best comprehensive exam results at the end of their first year. This award is named after emeritus professor Richard Lipsey, who has held professional posts at the London School of Economics, Essex University, and Queen's University, in addition to visiting posts at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Manchester, and the University of British Columbia.

2019 winner

Zhifeng Sun

Zhifeng is a second-year PhD student in economics at SFU. After finishing his master's degree program in economics and finance at CEMFI, Madrid, he joined SFU in pursuit of research in development and political economics. One of his research interests is to study the evolution of social norms brought by the emergence of new economy, new social media and migration. 

Past winners

2018: Marieh Azizirad

2017: Shirleen Manzur

2016: Zijian Wang

2015: Garrett M. Petersen

2015: Meiyu Li

2014: Yaser Sattari

2013: Xiaowen Lei

2012: Feng Gao

2011: Tenzin Yindok

2010: Daniele Signori