Education Building Revitalization

On May 1 2016, the Faculty of Education began a large scale renovation project, creating a new and exciting environment for our Education community. This renovation encompasses both the building exterior and interior classrooms and offices. 

Building on the success of previous award winning projects such as the Learning Hub, the Faculty of Education is creating a flexible and innovative environment for our teaching, learning and research activities.

Construction of the new building is scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2018.

News and Updates

July 27, 2017 – Building Updates

Faculty Hallway #2 will be completed by August 22, 2017. We have scheduled Salmon’s movers to move furniture back to campus on August 26th. Faculty will have access to FH #2 by the first week of September.

Demolition and installation of sprinklers has begun in the Archeology wings. Archeology’s main office has been temporarily moved to EDB 7600.

EDB 7608 and EDB 7610 will be available in September for PDP. All other classrooms will be available for booking by January 2018.

June 30, 2017 - Building Updates

Phase 1 is still ongoing, expected completion date end of September:

·      The plan is to have Faculty Hallway #2 completed and ready for occupancy on or before September 1st, 2017

·      The envelope work, including installation of windows is underway

·      The west side of EDB 7000 level has been added to the scope of this project. This work includes the demolition of the EDB  7000 level which is completed and the rebuild of three classrooms has begun

·      The excavation work outside of Faculty Hallway # 1 will wrap up in the next couple of weeks

·      The corridor work and stair removal will take place over the summer

There will be a lot of activity and noise over the summer. Alicia Akenhead and Debbie Wilson are working to assist instructors, students and staff in minimizing these disruptions.  

March 13, 2017 - Building Updates

Phase 1 is ongoing and infrastructure and sprinkler systems continue to be installed. The envelope materials are set to arrive soon. The gym washrooms will be closed sporadically as they work above on the 9000 level to tie into the system below.

As previously noted, there will be noise and disruption over the next few months. Alicia Akenhead and Debbie Wilson are working to assist instructors, students and staff in minimizing these disruptions.

January 12, 2017 - Building Updates

The project is still on time and the following work has begun: studs for the interior walls are going up, infrastructure for services are being put in place and 2nd stage of demolition has begun. Installation of piping for the sprinklers has started and there will be disruption due to welding. Alicia Akenhead and Deb Wilson are working to assist instructors, students and staff in minimizing these disruptions.   

Upcoming work/plans: removal and installation of stairs (tentative date of March/April 2017) and ongoing demolition. Due to the amount of work taking place in the summer there will be no classes scheduled in the Education Building for the summer semester.

We are expecting to move everyone back to the Education Building by end of June 2018 and will begin discussions with the individual areas starting at the end of January 2017 to discuss space function and layout.

June 7 - Demolition Begins in the North End of the Education Building

For the next week there will be demolition work on the 8000 level above Creative Studio (CS) and the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC). We do not know exactly how long it will take but it is expected to be completed at the end of this week, with a buffer zone extending the work into the beginning of next week.

There will be no jackhammering but at times there will be noisy work. I was not given details on exactly what kind of noise but I anticipate hammering, drilling, sawing, all behind the temporary walls to help contain noise and debris.

The contractors have been asked to load material they remove into their 'big bin' between 7:00am and 9:00am. This will be the noisiest bit, particularly for CS.

They will be grinding the floors (to remove the flooring glue) after 4:30pm and/or on weekends.

Once the areas immediately above CS and TLC have been done, they will move south into the rest of the building.

May 10 - Changes to Access to the EDB Building from the North Parking lot (formerly C Lot)

As hoarding continues in the EDB building, access to the main corridor from the 'ends' of the 8000 level of the building will likely become inaccessible by the end of the week.

These entrances include the north entrance (where the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research and classroom EDB 8680 previously were), and east/west entrances from the previous Undergraduate and Field Programs corridors, and the corridor adjacent to the previous Dean's area offices.

Access to and from the building will remain open near the newly renovated Hallway 1 and any other entrances not associated with the above mentioned 'wings' of the building. Access via the 7000 level will not be affected.

May 6 - Hoarding

The crew has finished inspecting the building for unanticipated hazards. 

They are now 'hoarding' which is building new temporary walls away from existing walls to further separate occupied spaces from unoccupied spaces. The new wall also acts as a firewall. This portion of the demo is expected to complete next Friday, May 13

The following week they will begin to tear down everything behind the newly constructed temporary walls. At that point no one will have access to those areas except the demo crews.

May 3, 2016 - Changes to Mailroom Locations

Effective May 9, 2016 the Faculty of Education mailroom will not be accessible. A temporary mail room has been set up in EDB 8670 with additional incoming and outgoing mail services to the offices for sessionals (EDB 7508), faculty (EDB 7608) and researchers/EGSA (EDB 7600).