Faculty Members 

Dr. Phil Winne

Professor, Faculty of Education

email: philip_winne@sfu.ca


Dr. John Nesbit

Professor, Faculty of Education

email: nesbit@sfu.ca



Dr. Fred Popowich

Professor, School of Computing Science 

His research is concerned with how computers can be used to process human language, either to make it easier for human beings to interact with computers, or to make it easier for human beings to interact with each other.

email: popowich@sfu.ca




Research Assistants 

Michael Pin-Chuan Lin

Educational Technology and Learning Design, PhD Candidate

Research interests: Learning Analytics, Peer Assesment, Self-regulated learning, Educational Technology  

Zahia Marzouk

Educational Psychology, PhD 

Alexandra Patzak

Educational Psychology, PhD Candidate  

Research interests: Academic self-handicapping, motivation, decision making, self-regulated learning

email: apatzak@sfu.ca

Mladen Rakovic 

Educational Technology and Learning Design, PhD Candidate  

email: mrakovic@sfu.ca

Donya Samadi

Educational Psychology, PhD Student  

Research interests: self-regulated learning, online medical education, study strategies, scaffolding prompts in computer-based learning, learning analytics

Jason Stewart-Alonso

Educational Technology and Learning Design, MA

Research interests: Learning analytics, self-regulated learning, organizational learning, communities of practice, I-O psychology, and cognitive ergonomics.


Derra Truscott

Educational Psychology, MA

Research interests: studying, highlighting, self-regulated learning, feedback, self-efficacy, role models, STEM. 

Jovita Vytasek

Educational Technology and Learning Design, PhD Candidate 

Research interests: Learning analytics, writing analytics, digital text analysis, instrucitonal design and technology, self-regulated learning and time managment research. 

email: jvytasek@sfu.ca

Sonya Woloshen

Educational Technology and Learning Design, PhD Candidate 

Graduate Students 

Qing Liu,

PhD Candidate, Educational Technology and Learning Design

Research Interests: learning by arguing, conceptual change, the role of need for cognition in learning, the effectiveness of intelligent tutoring systems, and meta-analysis of empirical studies

Email: qla22@sfu.ca

Visiting Scholars 

Azar Pakdaman-Savoji

PhD, Educational Psychology

Research interests: Self-Regulated Learning, online learning, cognitive tools for learning, cognitive and metacognitive learning strategies, multimedia learning, motivation for learning, and technology for learning.

email: apakdama@sfu.ca

Nashwa Nashaat Sobhy

PhD, Applied Linguistics

Research interests: Teaching and learning through an additional language (Content and Language Integrated Learning settings - CLIL)