Educational Psyholocy Lab Alumni

Rylan Egan, PhD

Director, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University

Research interests Assessment, Curriculum Design, and Self-Regulated Learning, Healthcare Quality Improvement


Luc P. Beaudoin, Ph.D. 

Ph.D. in Cognitive science from University of Birmingham.

Research interests: Self-regulated learning with technology, productive practice (deliberate practice and test-enhanced learning), affect (emotions, motivation) and volition, sleep onset and insomnia, learning from fiction and other forms of art.


Farimah Salimi, M.Ed

Educational Technology and Learning Design

Kiran Bisra,

M.A, BSc. Educational Psychology

Research Interests: Self-explanation, argumentation, research methods

Amna Liaqat

Computing science, BA

Research interests: Mobile-assisted learning, learning analytics, computer-supported education for aging populations, cross-cultural differences in attitudes towards learning.


Ilana Ram

Educational Technology and Learning Design, PhD Candidate