Research Interests
Ms. Isabelle Côté
  • French teacher training program
  • cultural diversity
Dr. Diane Dagenais
  • applied linguistics
  • language education
  • multilingualism
  • multiliteracies
  • second language learning
Dr. Maureen Hoskyn
Assistant Professor
  • individual and developmental relations between executive function and early learning for young children aged 3 to 8 years
  • neuroimaging of cognitive processes
  • children with developmental dyslexia
Dr. Danièle Moore
  • educational sociolinguistics
  • multilingual language aquisition
  • plurilingualism
  • plurilingual and pluricultural competence (PPC)
  • multilingual literacies
  • language revitalization
  • language policies
  • French as a second/third language
Dr. Cécile Sabatier
Associate Professor
  • linguistic and professional identities of in-service and pre-service teachers of French