Research Interests
Dr. Susan Barber
Limited Term Lecturer
  • creative writing
  • narrative inquiry
  • learning through literature
  • academic writing
  • teaching language arts
  • video instruction
  • philosophy of education
  • moral education
Dr. Kumari Beck
Assistant Professor
  • internationalization of higher education
  • international education
  • internationalization of curriculum
  • social education
  • anti-racist and multicultural education
  • globalization
  • postcolonial theory
  • pedagogy in post-secondary institutions
  • ethics of care
Dr. Wanda Cassidy
Associate Professor
  • cyberbullying
  • cyber-civility
  • law-related education
  • social justice education
  • human rights education
  • citizenship education
  • ethic of care
  • school culture
  • marginalized youth
Dr. Diane Dagenais
  • applied linguistics
  • language education
  • multilingualism
  • multiliteracies
  • second language learning
Dr. Angela (Marela) Dichupa
Limited Term Lecturer
  • dialogue and critical pedagogy
Dr. Mark Fettes
Associate Professor
  • imagination
  • indigenous education
  • place-based education
  • multilingualism
  • language revitalization
  • curriculum
  • pedagogy
  • action research
  • community-based research
Dr. Huamei Han
Assistant Professor
  • multilingualism
  • language ideologies
  • minority churches
  • China-Africa trade migration
Dr. Joel Heng Hartse
  • second language writing
  • English as a second/additional language
  • academic writing
  • academic publishing
  • language ideology
  • writing studies
  • world Englishes
Dr. Maureen Hoskyn
Associate Professor
  • individual and developmental relations between executive function and early learning for young children aged 3 to 8 years
  • neuroimaging of cognitive processes, children with developmental dyslexia
Dr. Roumiana Ilieva
Associate Professor
  • English as an additional language education
  • language, culture, and identity
  • internationalization of education
  • teacher education and teacher identities
  • immigration and integration
Dr. Vicki Kelly
Associate Professor
  • indigenous epistemologies
  • knowledge practices and pedagogies
  • education for reconciliation and healing
  • art as an indigenous knowledge practice and as a site for activism
  • indigeneity and indigenous resurgence
  • integration of indigenous knowledge practices and pedagogies in ecological education
  • the role of the arts in human development
  • Métissage as inquiry and curriculum
  • place-based performance and art as inquiry
Dr. Ena Lee
  • critical pedagogy
  • critical academic literacy
  • anti-racist education
  • student and teacher identity
  • teacher education
  • English as a second/additional language
Dr. Allan MacKinnon
Associate Professor
  • curriculum studies and learning theory
  • science and environmental education
  • science teacher education
  • practicum in learning
  • role of technology in learning and teaching
  • higher education in developing regions of South East Asia
Dr. Jan MacLean
Senior Lecturer
  • art and literacy
  • inclusive education
  • art and social change
Dr. Carolyn Mamchur
  • narrative and Jungian archetypes
  • interspecies communication
  • empathy and awareness
Dr. Elizabeth Marshall
Associate Professor
  • Fairy Tales 
  • Popular Culture 
  • Violence
  • Life Writing
  • Picture Books 
  • Comics 
  • Alcohol and addiction in children’s literature
Dr. Steve Marshall
Associate Professor
  • multilingualism
  • academic writing
  • plurilingualism and academic literacy
Dr. Danièle Moore
  • educational sociolinguistics
  • multilingual language aquisition
  • plurilingualism
  • plurilingual and pluricultural competence (PPC)
  • multilingual literacies
  • language revitalization
  • language policies
  • French as a second/third language
Dr. Rhonda Philpott
  • teacher education
  • international education
  • social justice education
  • literacy education
Dr. Michelle Pidgeon
Assistant Professor
  • higher education
  • student affairs and services
  • recruitment and retention
  • Indigenous research methodologies
  • research ethics
Dr. Cécile Sabatier
Associate Professor
  • linguistic and professional identities of in-service and pre-service teachers of French
Dr. Michèle Schmidt
Associate Professor
  • aboriginal university preparaton program evaluation
  • parenting & school
  • accountability and assessment in British Columbia schools
Dr. Özlem Sensoy
Associate Professor
  • social justice education
  • critical multicultural education
  • critical pedagogy
  • media literacy
  • popular youth culture
  • Middle East & Islam
  • feminist postcolonial theory
  • visual research methods
Dr. Yaroslav Senyshyn
  • interdisciplinary research in arts and moral education
  • existential-phenomenological approach
  • discursive analysis
  • performance anxiety
  • creative performance
  • teaching and music aesthetics
Dr. Suzanne Smythe
Assistant Professor
  • curricular and instructional practices in physical education
  • health and vitality
  • somatics of teacher education
Dr. Dolores van der Wey
Associate Professor
  • critical indigenous education
  • aboriginal literature and pedagogy
  • equity studies in education
  • critical literacy education
  • teacher education
  • coalition politics