Celebrating Scholarship: Thirty Faculty of Education Researchers Present at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) Annual Conference

May 26, 2021

Thirty Faculty of Education scholars (faculty, graduate students and postdocs) presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) annual conference, to be held online from May 30 to June 3, 2021. Sara Davidson and Fatemah Jalali were serving on the Program Committee, together with colleagues from institutions across Canada.

The 30 FoE researchers will speak at 14 paper sessions, 12 symposium panels, two roundtables and one special event for a total of 30 sessions. Their scholarship addresses a wide range of issues in educational policy, practice and research. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Internationalization and international education
  • Ethics of care
  • Curriculum studies
  • Arts-based education
  • Academic and school leadership
  • Inquiry learning
  • Language and identity
  • Anti-racism and anti-colonialism
  • Teacher education and practice
  • Translanguaging
  • Impact of COVID
  • Sciences scholarship
  • Virtual and augmented reality

Below is the list of their presentations. Please check out the conference program for details.

MAY 30, 2021

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Experiences, discourses and perspectives on K-12 international student education in Canada
Chair/Prés.: Roopa Desai Trilokekar

  • Discourse, Ambivalence and Agency: International Secondary Student Experiences in British Columbia
    Connie James (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
ARTS-SCÉA Presidential Keynote Panel

  • Significance of Artful Teaching, Learning, and Living in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond
    Rita Irwin (UBC), Pauline Sameshima (Lakehead), Celeste Snowber (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
The Compassionate Educator: Social Issues and Ethics of Care in Canadian Schools

  • The Compassionate Educator: Social Issues and Ethics of Care in Canadian Schools 
    Allyson Jule (Trinity Western), Christina Luzius-Vanin (McMaster), Alana Butler (Queen's), Joanna Black (Manitoba), Pam Bishop (Western), Doug Checkly (Lethbridge), Helal Dhali (McGill), Wanda Cassidy (Simon Fraser), Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), David Young (St. Francis Xavier), Leigh Potvin (Cape Breton)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
Walking as Attuning to an Earthly Curriculum: A Métissage of brief provocations

Chair/Prés.: Ellyn Lyle (Yorkville), Jodi Latremouille (Vancouver Island; Thompson Rivers), David Jardine (Calgary)

  • Walking as Attunement: Being with/in nature as Currere
    Ellyn Lyle (Yorkville), Celeste Snowber (Simon Fraser)
  • Walking as Pedagogy for Science Education and More-than-human Connection
    Lee Beavington (Simon Fraser)
  • Kizhay Ottiziwin: To Walk with Kindness and Kinship
    Vicki Kelly (Simon Fraser)

May 31, 2021

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
The Hidden Curriculum of Academic Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges

Chair/Prés.: Karen Goodnough (Memorial)

  • Karen Goodnough (Memorial), Wayne Melville (Lakehead), Susan O’Neill (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Prompting Strategies

Disc.: Lindsey Jaber

  • What types of Guidance Lead to Effective Inquiry Learning?
    Shiva Hajian (Simon Fraser), Misha Jain (Simon Fraser), John Nesbit (Simon Fraser), Phil Winne (Simon Fraser)

Roundtables / Tables rondes
Understanding Curriculum & Identity

  • Reshaping Our Understanding of Group Identity and Accent: A Case Study on 'French Immersion' Speakers in BC
    Livia Poljak (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
Aesthetic Responses to Living in a Time of Climate Crisis

  • Diane Conrad (Alberta), Claudia Eppert (Alberta), Celeste Snowber (Simon Fraser), Stephanie Rip (Alberta), Stephanie Schuurman-Olson (Alberta), Rachel Dunleavy (Alberta), Tanya Pacholok (Alberta), Kimberly Friesen (Alberta), Stephanie Varga (Alberta), Amy Hough (Alberta), Natasha Pigford (Alberta)

Special Event / Événement spécial
Presidential Address / Allocution de la présidente
Chair/Prés.: Melody Viczko

A Facilitated Forum on Anti-Black, Anti-Indigenous, and Anti-Asian Racism and CIESC
The executive of CIESC is deeply concerned about anti-Black, anti- Indigenous, and anti-Asian racism. We are hosting a forum facilitated by three former presidents of CIESC (Dr. Ali Abdi, Dr. Kumari Beck, Dr. Shibao Guo) and the current president of CSSE (Dr. Jacqueline Ottmann) to discuss our role in combatting racism in our work as international and comparative education scholars.
Ali Abdi, Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), Shibao Guo (Calgary), Jacqueline Ottmann (Saskatchewan)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Teacher Effectiveness in PHE: Ideologies, imagery and interactive activities for life
Chair/Prés.: Tim Hopper (Victoria), LeAnne Petherick (UBC) 

  • The Inter-Active for Life (IA4L) Project: An Inter-Active Function2Flow Curriculum inspired by Salsa Dance, Equestrian Arts, Tai Chi and Acro-Yoga
    Rebecca Lloyd (Ottawa), Stephen Smith (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications 
Chair/Prés.: Mathieu Lang

  • Le récit de jeunes immigrants francophones albertains de minorité visible sur leur trajectoire de vie
    Marianne Jacquet (Alberta), Pauline Kamugisha-Rouanet (Alberta), Gwenaëlle André (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
The Need for Indigenous and Racialized Senior Leaders on Campus
Chair/Prés.: Jerome Cranston (Regina)

  • Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), Karen Ragoonaden (Manitoba), Jacqueline Ottmann (Saskatchewan), Angelina Weenie (First Nations University), Ann Lopez (OISE-UT)

JUNE 1, 2021

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

  • Speaking back: Becoming critical sociolinguists with teachers and students through P/AR
    Disc.: Diane Dagenais (Simon Fraser)
  • Translanguaging co-designs through PAR in a third-grade Chinese immersion classroom
    Zhongfeng Tian (Texas at San Antonio), Szu-Ming Li (Cambridge Public Schools)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Living, Learning, and Knowing

Chair/Prés.: Terry Wotherspoon (Saskatchewan)

  • Eco-Virtues: Living Well in the Anthropocene
    David Chang (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

  • Internationalization in Precarious Times Implications for Theory and Practice
    Chair/Prés.: Kumari Beck
    Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), Sharon Stein (UBC), Dale McCartney (Fraser Valley)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Assessment in Literacy

  • Teacher Professional Learning Communities and Language Assessment Reform in BC Education
    Valia Spiliotopoulos (UBC), Saskia Stille (York), Margaret Early (UBC), Connie James (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Self-study Approaches to Decolonizing and Indigenizing Teacher Practices

  • 'Two-Eyed Seeing': What can self-study research learn from Indigenous knowing?
    Cher Hill (Simon Fraser), Awneet Sivia (Fraser Valley), Kau'i Keliipio (Simon Fraser), Paula Rosehart (Simon Fraser), Vicki Kelly (Simon Fraser)

Roundtables / Tables rondes
Arts Based Education

  • Artist, art teacher, academic...activist? Considering 'activist' as a valuable addition to notions of art educator identity in times of crises.
    Laurel Hart (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Chair/Prés.: Christine Massing

  • The Educational Impact of the COVID Rapid Response to Teachers, Children and Families
    Margaret MacDonald (Simon Fraser), Cher Hill (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

  • Brave Work in Indigenous Education
    Jennifer MacDonald (Calgary), Jennifer Markides (Calgary), Adrian Downey (MSVU), Sara Davidson (Simon Fraser), Gabrielle Lindstrom (Mount Royal), Vicki Kelly (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

  • Creating a Public Forum of Critical Learning Sciences Scholarship in Canada
    Beaumie Kim (Calgary), Douglas Clark (Calgary), Pratim Sengupta (Calgary), Miwa Takeuchi (Calgary), Jrène Rahm (Montréal), Jennifer Adams (Calgary), Joe Curnow (Manitoba), Nathalie Sinclair (Simon Fraser), Christian Ehret (McGill), Jennifer Vadeboncoeur (UBC)

JUNE 2, 2021

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Rethinking School Leadership

  • Imagination in School Leadership
    Gillian Judson (Simon Fraser)

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
Invited Panel on Funding in Arts Based Research
Chair/Prés.: Mindy Carter (McGill), Hala Mreiwed (McGill)

  • Invited Panel on Funding in Arts Based Research
    Judith Marcuse (Simon Fraser), Sean Wiebe (Simon Fraser), Tetsuro Shigematsu (UBC), Sandrina de Finney (Victoria)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Unpacking equity in teacher education research

  • Inquiry into Our Practice: Exploring Decolonizing Potentials in Mandatory Indigenous Education Courses
    Sara Davidson (Simon Fraser), Nikki Yee (Fraser Valley)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Comes to Education: Transformational Learning, Contemplative Inquiry, and Xr
    Steven Zhao (Simon Fraser), Heesoon Bai (Simon Fraser), Quincy Wang (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Citizenship Education, Diaspora, and Integration

  • Dynamics of social integration and employment in the diasporic community in Canada
    Fatima Jalali-Tehrani (Simon Fraser)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

  • What's in a Name? The Signifiers and Empty-Signifiers of 'Environmental and Sustainability Education': Implications for Teacher Education
    David Zandvliet (Simon Fraser), Douglas Karrow (Brock), Xavier Fazio (Brock)

JUNE 3, 2021

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel
PLNs and equity

  • Equity-oriented professional learning networks
    Leyton Schnellert (UBC), Sara Davidson (Simon Fraser), Bonny Lynn Donovan (UBC Okanagan), Nikki Yee (UBC), Deborah Butler (UBC), Shelley Moore (UBC), Trista Hollweck (Ottawa), Linda Kaser (UBC), Judy Halbert (UBC), Catherine McGregor (Victoria), Karen Martin (Alaska), Min Jung Kim (Boston College), Joelle Rodway (Memorial)

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications
Disrupting the colonial structures of higher education
Chair/Prés.: Roumiana Ilieva

  • Examining cultures of learning and their perceived impact on the learning of international students in a graduate course in Education
    Roumiana Ilieva (Simon Fraser), Neha Arora (Alexander College)