About Recent Funded Projects

Year 2020

Living Within Earth's Carrying Capacity: Towards an Education for Eco-Social Cultural Change

This research project aims to answer the question: What does existing scholarship tell us about how we might reorient the concepts, theories, processes, practices, policies and structures of education to effectively shepherd in the massive changes in attitudes, discourse and behaviour that "living within the Earth's carrying capacity" requires?

Dr. Sean Blenkinsop (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Mark Fettes (Co-Investigator)
SSHRC, Knowledge Synthesis Grant

Pandemic Experiences and Impacts of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Indigenous Communities

This Study responds to the call for practices and platforms to inform population level responses to COVID-19 generated Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) concerns for Indigenous peoples living in BC.

Dr. Alanaise Goodwill (Principal Investigator)
with Ms. Corinne McKay (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Jeanie Morgan (Principal Investigator)
CIHR, Knowledge Synthesis: COVID-19 in Mental Health & Substance Use

Holistic Indigenous Mental Health and Wellness: Transforming Health Care Strengths and Solutions

Acknowledging the health care barriers that indigenous peoples with mental health concerns face, this research aims to createdevelop an indigenous research network to develop a holistic and indigenous knowledge-based framework for mental health support and services.

Dr. Alanaise Goodwill (Co-Investigator)
with Dr. Suzanne Lea Stewart (Principal Investigator) and Mr. Clayton Shirt (Principal Investigator)
CIHR, NEIHR – Ontario

BC Network Environment for Indigenous Health Research

The collective vision of the BC NEIHR is a supportive environment for Indigenous health research woven from the values, knowledge systems, priorities and leadership of Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) communities, collectives, organizations as well as academic researchers and students in British Columbia. 

Dr. Alanaise Goodwill (Co-Investigator)
in collaboration with seven Principal Investigators from five BC institutions and organizations.
CIHR, NEIHR - British Columbia

Ensuring Full Literacy in a Multicultural and Digital World

Using a collaborative approach among researchers, related industries, local communities, and outreach partners, this research project aims to re-examine the current literacy landscape, assess the efficacy of materials currently being developed to improve language and literacy outcomes, and mobilize knowledge gained to reach those who benefit most.

Dr. Maureen Hoskyn (Co-Investigator)
with Dr. Janet Werker (Principal Investigator, UBC) and Dr. Danièle Moore (Collaborator)
SSHRC, Partnership Grant

Connecting Career Development and Mental Health in Schools

The aim of this project is to establish and expand a broad-based partnership across Canada and beyond, to apply a collaborative and discovery-oriented method to developing, evaluating and refining career interventions with educational stakeholders that confer the most positive influence on adolescent mental health.

Dr. Kris Magnusson (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Krista Socholotiuk (Co-Investigator)
SSHRC, Partnership Development Grant

Inclusive Resettlement: Integration Pathways of Resettled Families with Disabilities in Germany and Canada

This research aims to explore structural conditions and individual integration pathways of resettled refugees with inter-sectional risks of exclusion in Canada and Germany. 

Dr. Masahiro Minami (Academic Supervisor)
Akiko Inui (Intern)
MITACS, Globalink

Teach Argumentation with the Dialectical Map

Drawing on previous research on the effective usage of DMap tool at Simon Fraser University, this research aims at exploring the usage of DMap in the classrooms of Beijing Normal University in China. The project will investigate if the pedagogical benefits and values of DMapping are transferable to culturally diverse educational settings.

Dr. John Nesbit (Academic Supervisor)
Qing Liu (Intern)
MITACS, Globalink

The Use of Lesson Play as a Post-Activity of TouchTimes  

This research aims at understanding the use of TouchTimes - a digital technology for learning and understanding multiplication. The purpose is to identify the processes of how students can reflect on their usage of TouchTimes to develop an understanding to support their learning.

Dr. Nathalie Sinclair (Academic Supervisor)
Aehee Ahn (Intern)
MITACS, Globalink

A Community-based Ethnography on Multiculturalism in Practice in a Canadian Context

This ethnographic research aims to explore how women from diverse cultural backgrounds experience and practice multiculturalism in Canada to develop an understanding of the factors that impact their integration and settlement . Through its findings, the study hopes to contribute to the policy making of the social integration services.

Dr. Suzanne Smythe (Academic Supervisor)
Jing Li (Intern)
MITACS, Accelerate