Meeting Room (EDB 8518)

Room capacity: 10 people
Facilities (forthcoming): two whiteboards (8-foot & 6-foot); one monitor
Room booking: (Debbie Wilson).


High Table (in EDB 8515)

Capacity: 8 people
Feature: one large desk; eight high chairs
Booking: Not required, first-come-first-serve


Mediascape Table (in EDB 8515)

Capacity: 6 people
Feature: one built-in monitor on a large desk with wireless connections; six high chairs on wheels
Booking: Not required, first-come-first-serve

(For collaborative group work and content sharing via monitor.)


Interview Room (EDB 8530)

Room capacity: 4 people
Facilities: one whiteboard (6-foot); one table; four chairs
Room booking: (Debbie Wilson)

(This room is prioritized for conducting interviews. It can also be booked for small group meetings.)