A special place in my heart


I was fortunate to become a charter student at Simon Fraser University in September of 1965. It was so exciting to be part of a new university. I loved the pace of the semester system and the smaller student population. I was introduced to many new subjects - psychology, English, history, and sociology to name a few. It was hard work but worth it. I loved having my knowledge increased on a daily basis.

I entered the PDP in 1967 and enjoyed the opportunity to spend so much time in classrooms and being part of a team. I felt quite prepared for my dream vocation as a teacher. I left university before I could complete my degree. I first taught on Vancouver Island, then North Vancouver, and then Toronto, before staying home in 1972 to raise my two children. While home, I worked on completing the courses I needed for my bachelor of education degree,  which came in 1988, and resumed my teaching career, this time in special education.

I taught on Vancouver Island until retirement in 2011. I hated to leave teaching but knew it was time. As I left the classroom, I learned of some past students who could benefit from some teaching support so I volunteered my time to tutor them. One student had become a paraplegic in 2010 and had missed most of his Grade 10 year. I helped him complete his courses for his Dogwood, while working with a couple of other past students.

It was a perfect way to wind my way out of teaching, which was a passion for me.

Simon Fraser was a great fit for me. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Dianne Kobe
PDP 1968, BGS 1989

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