Inspiring and helping the world


It wasn’t my childhood dream to be a teacher. Actually, I was gearing towards being a doctor. Yet, I have realized that I AM actualizing my dream to inspire and help the world to be a better place, all in the scope of an educator nurturing our young children to make the world a better place.

My story is simple. After graduating in 2006, I accepted my first job in Hong Kong after sending out only one letter and completing only one interview. And after 10 years, I’m still there exploring the horizons of education.

Simon Fraser University has equipped me with not only beyond-the-basics knowledge and skills but has also fed my curiosity by instilling a lifelong learner attitude and visions to be innovative in my future career. SFU’s Education program is certainly the best in the Lower Mainland. They believe in learner-centered teaching and realizing the uniqueness of every child. SFU nurtured me to be a caring and understanding teacher and taught me to be assertive and not angry with my kids. Furthermore, the faculty members hold high standards, which was made obvious during my practicum. Those two months showed me an eye-opening reality. Shirley-Ann Rubis, who was my faculty associate, encouraged and believed in me. If it weren’t for her and David Eng, my school associate who has been such a great mentor, I would not have made it through my practicum experience.

Now, I am in my school’s ICT Development Committee and am sitting on my sofa preparing for a presentation to promote the use of e-resources in primary school settings. I am so glad that I share the same vision as my school: the principal appreciates my holistic approach to education and my strive for innovation that I learnt from SFU. He has kindly allowed me to go for a 5-week refresher course on e-learning to better equip me in one of my roles as a member in the middle-management team.

My hope is to grow with my kids and lead them on their paths. I feel rewarded when they come back to visit me or keep in touch with me if they are abroad. 

Heaps of gratitude to my dearest SFU, where I will visit every time I come home.

Fiona Yung
CESL 2004, CLA 2004, BA 2004, PDP 2006, B.Ed. 2006

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