A rich experience

Iris Todd-Lewis

I earned my master of education from the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University in 2001 at the age of 57. I had returned to university at age 50 with a renewed career plan, earning a BA in adult education in 1998 plus an Instructor Diploma to add to my Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse diplomas. My move to adult education was one of the most rewarding acts of my adult life. I immersed myself in the academic milieu relishing my re-found love of learning.

My experience at SFU was rewarding as to the degree, but I learned much more about my redefined goals and myself. My professors were diverse, engaging and utterly fascinating.

I loved it all!

As a result of my new status, I was hired to write a Licensed Practical Nurse program for a private college using all the knowledge and skills I had so recently acquired. When that was completed, I freelanced for a time offering workshops in an array of topics. After a couple of years, I was hired as a sessional instructor at Fraser Valley University and assigned to teach ADED 301 – Introduction to Adult Education. I threw myself into this assignment and offered the course each semester for several years. It was a marvelous time for me as I developed my personal style and offered a less familiar style of instruction to my student clients. My students gave me marvelous feedback, and they generally scored me 5/5 for my instruction.

SFU offered me an opportunity to realize a long cherished dream of teaching at a university. Since then I have written three books (two are published) and I continue to learn. Most recently I acquired certification to facilitate “Conscious Aging” workshops and I am presently preparing for my first group early in 2016. Now at age 71, I still learn, read, devour information, and yearn to teach and mentor others.

Thank you, SFU!

Iris Todd-Lewis
M.Ed. 2001

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