Investments in education


My most memorable experience at Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Education is my two years in the Master of Education in Educational Psychology program. This graduate learning experience went far deeper than the monetary investment usually required for a professional upgrade. For me this experience was memorable because I was able to develop as an educator along with my cohort of fellow educators from around the world. The diversity and quality of students and faculty truly expanded my horizons and enhanced my understanding on how to impact educational systems and change the world through enhancing education.

Angus Chan on Convocation day

In particular, the impact of my experience in SFU’s Faculty of Education rang the deepest when I was working as a teaching assistant for the undergraduate Introduction to Educational Psychology course (EDUC 220). It was there, teaching and training students, through this course, where I not only had many opportunities to put theory to practice, but also see some of my students become teachers in public schools, and apply what they had learned. The impact was more about seeing how good teachers are emerging from SFU’s Faculty of Education, and I got to play a vital part for SFU in this process.

The influence from SFU Education’s faculty and staff (Dr. Nesbit, Dr. Sugarman, Dr. McTavish, and Dr. Lemare, to name a few) on my learning and teaching has been powerful and deep. Not only was I influenced on a theoretical level through my seminars, assignments, group projects, and research, I was influenced on a practical level through my work as a teaching assistant. The members of faculty who taught my cohort and me were knowledgeable and open, allowing us to explore our research while keeping us on track. The staff that worked with my colleagues and me were professional and passionate, ensuring that we provide the best instruction we can for future teachers and educators. 

At Stanley Park

These skills and values, along with my learning, are what I carry with me after I graduated from my program. Since graduating from SFU, I've begun to realize how the Faculty of Education continues to shape my way of "Thinking of the World" and "Engaging the World" in East Vancouver across various learning contexts. My career path continues to be teaching, as a graduate tutor with the SFU Indigenous Centre, a math tutor at Windermere Secondary School, and a writing tutor at Langara College. But my career goal has evolved from teaching students to seeking systemic changes by encouraging and training students to teach others what they've learned. 

With regards to work, I am seeking open doors to advance and work for SFU’s Student Services as an academic advisor, to help students overcome academic difficulties and succeed in their career goals. With regards to Vancouver’s educational system, I am seeking opportunities to work with the Vancouver School Board to encourage more tutors, educators, and volunteers to help their secondary schools to build and develop their after-school study programs for students who need academic help but cannot afford expensive tutoring, especially in mathematics.

Angus Chan
M.Ed. 2012

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