A click of synchronicity


With a GPA of less than 2.0, a withdrawal status and a bevy of uninteresting classes under my belt, I began to wonder if going to university had been a good idea. Maybe it would have been better to take a year off and find myself through excessive partying and backpacking through exotic locales. Unfortunately, it was a little late for that with three years of school in the hole.

So there I was on the brink of academic oblivion, faced with indescribable uncertainty and a growing fear that I would amount to nothing in my life.

With one do or die semester left, I took an education class. My first as it were.

And there it was—in an instance—a harmonious click of synchronicity. Like finally finding true love for the first time, I had finally discovered a class I could connect with and enjoy with a passion. In as little as one semester, I went from a cavalcade of C’s and D’s to an A (naturally my first ever in post secondary).

Rejuvenated with a sense of new purpose and being, I took more education classes and aced them as well, soaking up the content with meaningful and genuine interest. Not long after, I began volunteering in an elementary school classroom … And more excited than ever for what the future holds.

Justin Stevens
BGS (current)

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