50 Years in Education

When the Faculty of Education first opened its doors in 1965, it did so pushing the boundaries of education with its non-traditional Professional Development Program. Now, 50 years later, as education stands at the threshold of fundamental change and new technologies, the Faculty continues to be regarded as a leader of educational thought and practice. Throughout this timeline, many stories of leadership, transformation, innovation and engagement have been made and told. Here are just 50 of them. 



It has been 50 years since we first opened our doors at Simon Fraser University and what an amazing 50 years it has been. Education continues to stand at the threshold of fundamental change and new technologies. Today, communication technologies have had a massive multiplier effect on information access.

Young people today engage in the learning process in fundamentally different ways than ever before.  And, new learners are not just young learners; an emphasis on life-long learning means that people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds are entering and re-entering educational settings throughout their lifespan. The people that we prepare to take on roles of educators and researchers in the educational research enterprise need to learn how to become difference makers in society.

The Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University has a proud history of responding to the challenges of education.  Students experience a stimulating array of programs designed to meet the professional and personal learning needs of each individual and the industry as a whole. With a commitment to serving the needs of the various communities we serve while maintaining high standards of academic quality, the Faculty of Education provides a rich and varied research culture, and provide opportunities to work with world-class researchers exploring the full spectrum of educational issues, and an unparalleled experience and opportunity to learn, to grow and to belong. We are proud to be part of your community.