Future, present, past


I was a mature student entry. That meant that I didn't have a high enough grade to qualify as a regular student. Registering was nerve racking.

I took two hours to get up the hill. I had no idea where Simon Fraser University was and the garage attendant that I asked directions from sent me towards UBC. Thank goodness I arrived just in time to line up for registration. Then there was a mix up - I was confused with another Olson - and my registration had to be straightened out.

I ripped my dress on a chair and I panicked because I thought I wouldn't be able to buy another dress for the next three years! I made it and graduated with a five-year degree while taking off a year in the middle of it.

What is really memorable is what I have accomplished with that degree. I became a teacher and fulfilled my dream. I have a pension that allows me to volunteer full-time for my passion. It has led me to receiving many honours for my environmental work, including  an honorary doctorate last October from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

The name I used throughout my university years was Alta Olson. I use my preferred name, Eliza Olson now that I have ‘grown up' and I don't have to worry about upsetting anyone by using "Eliza."

Thank you for making my future, present, past possible.

Eliza Olson
B.Ed. 1975