It all started at SFU

Gregory Hall’s first school photo as a teacher

I still cringe a little when I think about my entry into Simon Fraser University at the tender age of 17. I knew no one, and to be honest, that did not change right away. However, two things did change which changed my experience at SFU. The first was declaring Communications as my major. I was the first cohort, and even with all the growing and development pains, I knew on the first day that I had chosen correctly.

Education finally meant something to me and I learned with a passion rather than with adolescent reluctance. I also really started to make friends who meant something.

The second thing that changed me was entering the Professional Development Program. To be honest I really backed into the program because I just could not figure how to make a career within communications, and the PDP gave a clear path to a career. I also owed something to all those teachers I terrorized during my public school years, so this became my penance program. The faculty, the students, and the practicums gave me so much confidence that education could be a positive and worthwhile experience for students.

Gregory Hall today

We talked of knocking down the walls, of throwing out assessment, and learning for the joy of learning. We were passionate and eager to make a difference. All of this was encouraged and fostered by SFU.

I have now spent 18 years in the media industry and 25 years in the educational industry. In education, I make a difference. In education, I light fires rather than put them out. I currently work in a university in the Middle East and will move to another in Vietnam in a couple of months. I don’t think I can ever tire of being a teacher and it all started at SFU.

Gregory Hall
PDP 1976