A master teacher


At Simon Fraser University I trained with Terry Fox, played basketball with Wilt Chamberlain, took classes with Jay Triano, and sat on the ground learning from SFU’s Faculty of Education legendary teacher Meguido Zola. My first visit to SFU was in 1964 before the university was even finished, with my educational mentor and father, Dr. Lorne Davies. He was a pioneer at the university and continued to work on campus for the next 50 years. 

I spent countless hours on campus as a child, teenager, and then adult, surrounded by leaders and legends of education, athletics, and many other disciplines. My passion for teaching was ignited in my youth as I heard my father advising countless SFU students that education is something that others cannot take away from you and is a gift that can be shared with others. Thanks to the incredible foundation that SFU provided I have now shared that gift for the past 34 years. SFU provided powerful, life changing memories on my quest to be a different kind of teacher, a master teacher. Some of the people that helped me to think outside of the box at SFU included Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul series), Ian Andrews (head of PDP) and Meguido Zola who taught me to make powerful connections with children.

Mr. Davies' students teaching about "Extreme Oceans" at Aberdeen Mall

My goal is to make each school year the “best ever,” and I accomplish this by making learning enjoyable for my students, bringing learning to life. My students have transformed empty rooms into international space stations, solar systems, aquariums, jungles, dragster racing arenas, and more. They take on roles such as marine biologists, astronauts, astrophysicists and engineers, then proceed to passionately teach countless visitors at my school and Aberdeen Mall during Education Week. A great highlight of my career was being chosen to go to Ottawa to receive the 2014 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and meet with both the Prime Minister and his wife. I had a very memorable visit to their home. 

Receiving the Prime Minister's Teaching Excellence Award (2014)

Wendy Lim, Richmond Assistant Superintendent of Schools, wrote about me:

“Thirty years ago, Glyn Davies chose to set a goal of becoming a master teacher to inspire, value and empower students to passionately become experts at whatever subject they study, to live with purpose and share the thrill of bringing learning to life. Yes, Glyn is a master teacher and is humble about his inspirational, powerful and transformative leadership work with his students. However, his positive impact on students and colleagues doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only is he a Prime Minister’s Teaching Excellence (2014) and Achievement (2005) Awards winner, he is also the proud national Canadian recipient of the 2013 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence, the 2014 City of Richmond’s UROC Award for being an Asset Champion for youth leadership, and the 2014 Richmond School District’s Special Recognition Award. Glyn empowers his students to make a difference in the lives of others. His legacy in the Richmond School District and community is immense and as a leader, he has achieved his goal of creating an environment where his students feel safe and supported, valued and respected, seen and heard, empowered and enabled to go beyond!”

Thank you Simon Fraser University for an incredible 50 years!

Glyn Davies
PDP 1979, BBA 1980

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