The 5-Year Academic Plan

The Faculty of Education’s Five-Year Academic Plan (2018–2023) is focused on providing vibrant and exciting opportunities for engaging students, researchers, and communities locally and globally in equitable, inclusive, and culturally-responsive educational advancement. Our core values and priorities aim to address the needs of students, faculty, and staff while remaining focused externally on our connections with the wider SFU community and the scholarly and other communities we engage with across the province, the nation, and the world.

The aim of the Five-Year Academic Plan (2018–2023) is to articulate our core values and a broad set of related priorities that together will give direction and inspiration to our Faculty’s activities over the next five years. The plan will serve as a guide for our activities and for the allocation of resources that will encourage and support our faculty, students, and staff to continue their outstanding work in an environment that fosters a culture of inquiry and research productivity guided by commitments to equity and Indigeneity.