Engaging Students

SFU attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds, and many of them can’t afford to take advantage of the range of opportunities we offer:

  • Scholarships help academically strong students get the most out of their education.
  • Bursaries provide critical financial support for worthy students who simply could not otherwise afford a university education.
  • Awards recognize the value of those students who are engaged with their communities and validate their commitment to society.

All of these funds give students a chance for hands-on experiences such as international teaching placements and field research projects that build on what they learn in the classroom.

Whether you create an endowment now or with a future commitment, or you provide annual support, you can help students in any faculty, department or program you choose.

These scholarships will help attract the most promising masters and doctoral students from all over the world. 


This scholarship will provide financial support to graduate students looking to complete field research outside of Canada.


This bursary fund will provide financial support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who are committed to fostering Indigenous Education in British Columbia.  


The International Teaching Education Module (ITEM) at the Faculty of Education provides opportunities for students to gain international teaching experience.


This award will provide financial support to undergraduate and graduate students looking to complete a study-abroad program in the field of Education.


Your financial contribution to the Geoff Madoc-Jones Memorial Endowment Fund will help support students enrolled in our community graduate programs.