Touched by his experiences, visiting scholar gives back

My name is Dr. Han Young Kwak. I am a professor in the Faculty of Education at Pusan National University, Korea. I majored Law-Related Education. During my sabbatical year, I travelled to the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University to work as a visiting scholar with Dr. Heesoon Bai about the relationship between moral education and law education. Many people think law education as an education of law itself, but in the field of civic education law should be understood somewhat more spiritual as for 'Citizenship'.

I came here in July 2015 with my whole family, my wife and two sons. We have been so happy in beautiful Vancouver. All the Canadians were so kind and gentle. We have enjoyed BC's beautiful forests and lakes, fresh air and the honey doughnuts in Deep Cove. Everything is perfect. In the arms of Vancouver, I have already written two papers and one book, Chaos and Order, which won a prize in Korea last December. It will be published this March in Korea.

I thought I owed all this to Faculty of Education at SFU, who generously invited my family and supported my work all the way. We are so proud that we are members of SFU. Whenever my two sons find the name of SFU in newspapers or on the internet, they ask "This is our university, isn't it?"

My donation is just a small return for what I have been given from SFU. I hope this gift can provide help for someone who is embarked on the rough road of learning. We are due to return to Korea in August 2016, but the memories of Vancouver and SFU will last forever in the heart of my family. Thanks again to Dr. Bai and Faculty of Education for granting me this priceless opportunity.