Clicklaw: Information juridique pour le public

Clicklaw: Legal Information for the Public

by Audrey Jun, LLB

Clicklaw Program Coordinator

Courthouse Libraries BC

Audrey Jun is the Clicklaw Program Coordinator. She is responsible for managing Clicklaw and its contributors, and works with other team members to manage Clicklaw Wikibooks and the Courthouse Library website. Audrey combines backgrounds in law, public legal education and technology to bring a variety of perspectives to her role.


Clicklaw: Legal Information for the Public

August 12, 2022

March 2015

Access to justice needs a culture shift. Among other things, we need to put the public first, encourage collaboration between knowledgeable people from different organizations and across all sectors, take measures to prevent disputes from unnecessary escalation, and make the justice system easier to understand1. Everyone deserves to know about their rights and responsibilities in their community. Clicklaw aims to do that for people in British Columbia. Managed by Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC), Clicklaw provides easy access to high quality, current, plain language legal information from over 25 trusted contributor organizations.

In a time where we google for nearly everything, finding information is easy. But sifting through it to find what’s relevant to you can be a challenge. People are faced with an overwhelming number of documents, blog posts and online opinions, which need to be evaluated critically. It can be a challenge for anyone to answer these questions:

·         What is my legal issue?

·         Is this resource relevant to my issue?

·         Is this resource from a credible source?

·         Is this resource up to date with current laws in my community?

As an aggregator website with content criteria and guidelines, Clicklaw helps ease these challenges for users.

Clicklaw features:

·         a searchable database of resources separated into 23 key topics;

·         over 100 commonly-asked questions that direct users to good starting points;

·         a blog that highlights new resources on Clicklaw and new public legal education and information events in the community;

·         a HelpMap that connects the public to contact information, hours and locations of in-person legal services in their community; and

·         access to legal information in over 25 languages.

In addition to the main Clicklaw website, CLBC has been working with new technologies, members of the legal community, and public legal education organizations to provide legal information through Clicklaw Wikibooks. Clicklaw Wikibooks is built on the MediaWiki platform—the same open-source software used for Wikipedia, the 6th most visited and viewed site in the world2. The wiki platform is familiar, easy to search, and makes the information available in a variety of formats, from browser-based reading, to PDF, to EPUB, or even print-on-demand.

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