Legal information websites

Here is a short list of websites that teachers and others working with children and youth will find helpful for finding law-related information


    A new Public Legal Education Website that provides public legal education information and resources from 24 agencies covering a broad range of legal topics.

Government Departments


About the Justice System

Legal Services

Legal Information (Special Areas)

Helpful Resources for Parents and Teachers

A Kids’ Guide to Separation and Divorce

Human Rights

This section contains links (both locally and internationally) to websites, legislation and Canadian case law pertaining to human rights issues.


Links to environmental and sustainability topics/problems are found here - diverse websites that review environmental laws and practices, clean energy classroom initiatives, Canadian provincial and federal legislation, and Canadian case law.


This section has links to websites, legislation and Canadian case law that deal with issues of colour, race, religion, ethnic origin and/or sexual orientation.


Canadian federal and provincial statute links are listed in this last section on issues such as awareness of rights and respect of behaviour and others, boundaries within our society, acceptance and support of others, and engagement, support and promotion of community spirit.