Teaching About Law

An important part of the CELS mandate is to provide learning opportunities for educators and others with an interest in law related education.  CELS works with the Faculty of Education to offer the following law and justice-related credit courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Credit Courses: Graduate

Master of Education: Curriculum & Instruction: Equity Studies in Education (SFU)

This program is designed for students who wish to study and develop expertise in an equity framework for education.  The program conceptualizes education broadly as a concept that includes schooling, but also includes other social forces that shape knowledge in society. 

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Master of Education: Justice, Law and Ethics in Education (SFU)

Please note: The JLEE will no longer be offered. Potential applicants interested in issues of justice, law and ethics are encouraged to apply to the ESE (Equity Studies in Education - see above) program, which has an intake each September.   

This M.Ed. degree program is designed for educators working in various organizational settings: schools, colleges, universities, and community-based organizations such as law enforcement, human rights organizations, social justice agencies, NGOs, advocacy groups, public legal education agencies, etc.

Credit Courses: Undergraduate

Education 446 - Law for the Classroom Teacher 
This course is offered by Distance Education in the Fall semester and provides teachers and other interested parties with a fundamental knowledge of law in order to better teach the law-related content in the BC curriculum; in particular social studies, science, physical education, personal planning, language arts, social responsibility, and business courses. Topics include the Canadian legal system, legal history, legal reasoning, dispute resolution strategies, the role of the courts, family law, environmental law, property law, and contract law.

Education 448 - Teaching about Justice, Law, and Citizenship 
The course is offered by distance education in the spring semester and at the Burnaby campus during the summer semester. This course relies on two innovative textbooks "Let's talk about law in Elementary School" and "Once upon a crime..." and includes a variety of strategies for teaching law-related content in elementary and secondary school. These strategies include case studies, mock trials, justice circle, story drama, and simulations.

Education 445 - Legal Context of Teaching 
This updated course offered by distance education in the summer semester and is designed to provide students, teachers, counselors and school administrators with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and ethical issues, and potential legal liabilities encountered in the British Columbia public school system. Special attention is devoted to the numerous legal aspects connecting law and education. Topics include: Constitutional Foundations and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; understanding student, parent and teacher rights; reviewing challenging behaviours inside and outside of schools including cyber-bullying, identifying legal considerations concerning copyright and the Internet, and discussing other controversial issues such as religion, public education and the Charter, and same sex issues in the curriculum.