Room and Equipment Bookings

Please note that this information is for current faculty, staff and students in the Faculty of Education. All external inquiries will automatically be forwarded to the Dean's office for consideration and/or authorization.

First Check Room or Equipment Availability at 

THEN email 

When submitting your request, please ensure you include:

  1. Date
  2. Room Number or Equipment Description
  3. Event name
  4. Start and end times
  5. Your contact information
  6. Technical support required

*If you require video conferencing support with your room booking, please click here.

Education Central staff 
in the Faculty of Education have the right to manage the use of, and access to its rooms. To ensure that the activities, the safety and security of persons and facilities and the University’s reputation are not compromised, conditions and/or limitations may be imposed.

Debbie Wilson

p 778.782.4129


7000 LEVEL

Room 7610 (seats 35) - TV Displays, Speakers
Room 7500 (seats 35) - Data Projector, Speakers
Room 7500.2 (seats 35) - Data Projector, Speakers
Room 7550/7540 Gym - Audio System

8000 LEVEL

Room 8620.2 (seats 32) - The Learning Hub
Room 8620.1 (seats 32) - The Learning Hub


DISC 1 3025 (seats 20) - TV Display and HD Polycom Video Conferencing
DISC 1 3027 (seats 10) - TV Display
DISC 2 107 (seats 35) - Flexible Technology Enhanced Learning Space
DISC 2 108 (seats 35) - Portable presentation cart (video projector with speakers)
DISC 2 109 (seats 35) - Portable presentation cart (video projector with speakers)
DISC 2 109.1 (seats 35) - Portable presentation cart (video projector with speakers






Instructional Lab: Discovery 2 - Room 107
The perfect space for teaching technology related courses, doing class demos, media workshops or seminars.  (32 Mac computers, Video Projectors, Speakers)

iPad Cart
30 iPad 2s on a cart that can be rolled into classrooms

The Learning Hub Equipment

  • 70" Sharp Interactive Displays (Touch screen)
  • Built In Mac computer with every display
  • Crestron Touchscreens
  • Media:scape table
  • Video adapters/dongles
  • External Keyboard/Trackpad that connect to the built-in Macs
  • Intuitive Sharp Pen and Software
  • Built-in Surround Speakers