Indigenous Programs & Courses

Indigenous Programs & Courses

Graduate Level

Past Programs

  • M.Ed. in Indigenous Education: Curriculum and Instruction Foundations/ Diversity and Inclusion (2008-2010), Burnaby
  • Graduate Diploma - Field Programs: Supporting Diverse Learners (2009-2011), Vancouver
  • M.Ed. in Indigenous Education Programs

Undergraduate Level

Current Course

Foundations in Indigenous Education, Language, and Culture

EDUC 311

An introduction to Indigenous education in Canada and BC. There will be a critical examination of historical and contemporary issues in education and an exploration of culturally based Indigenous education grounded in Indigenous philosophies. Prerequisite: 60 units. Breadth-Humanities.

Teacher Education (Professional Programs)

Current Program

Past Program

  • Aboriginal Paraprofessional Teacher Education Module (APTEM) - Kwadacha Nations/Fort Ware (January 2010)

International Indigenous Collaborations

Past Programs

  • Greenland Teacher Professional Development Program (1996-2002): In collaboration with the Greenland Ministry of Education, SFU prepared four cohorts of Indigenous teachers for certification for K-12.
  • Maori Language Study Tour (2003): Field School Summer Intensive

Other SFU Programs

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