Office of International Education

Office of International Education program staff and participants of the Yanbian University Program 2016

Committed to enriching faculty, students and staff through engaging in educational experiences at home and abroad which contribute to a more equitable and sustainable globalized society.

The Faculty of Education's Office of International Education promotes international engagement and supports all aspects of the Faculty's internationalization, including mobility, partnerships, programs, curriculum, and research collaborations. The Office advises on policy, procedures and risk management, as well as providing strategic direction for the Faculty‚Äôs international activities.

The internationalization of education is key to developing intercultural awareness and competencies which enrich our faculty, students and staff and prepare us to better contribute to our diverse communities and globalized world.

Internationalization of higher education is the intentional process of integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions and delivery of post-secondary education, in order to enhance the quality of education and research for all students and staff and to make a meaningful contribution to society.  

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