Meet The Team

The SFU Surrey Counselling Centre is staffed by a dedicated team of counsellor educators from the SFU Master's Program in Counselling Psychology.  Faculty members in the program are committed to excellence in counsellor education and to providing Counsellor Trainees with instruction, supervision, and learning opportunities that lead to effective, ethical, and professional practice.

All counselling at the SFU Surrey Counselling Centre is provided by graduate students (Counsellor Trainees) in the SFU Master's program in Counselling Psychology under the close supervision of the SFU Master's in Counselling Program instructional team.

Faculty Members & Staff

Patricia Nitkin, Ph.D., CCC

Clinical Director
Clinical Professor, SFU Counselling Psychology

Mariah McKenzie

MA Counselling Psychology Student – Centre Assistant

Sharalyn Jordan, Ph.D., RCC

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education 

Masahiro Minami, PH.D., RCC

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

Alanaise Goodwill, Ph.D., R. Psych

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education 

Richard Tatomir

Clinical Professor, SAFE Program, Faculty of Education

Counsellor Education

All students in the Counselling Psychology Program complete an important component of their training as professional counsellors at the SFU SCC: the Supervised Clinic courses.  During these courses, students spend 8 months providing free counselling services to children, youth, and adults in the Surrey community. Fully qualified counsellors and psychologists who teach in the SFU Counselling Psychology Program closely supervise the students’ work at the Centre.