Faculty Members

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Last Names A­­­­­­­­­ - D

Dr. Carmen Almarza

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: calmarza@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5217, Surrey Campus

Dr. Heesoon Bai


Phone: 778-554-8666
Email: heesoon_bai@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8659, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Susan Barber

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 604-808-5119
Email: susan_barber@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8553, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Bruce Beairsto

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: jbeairst@sfu.ca

Dr. Kumari Beck

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-8599
Email: kumari_beck@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8571, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Charles Bingham


Phone: 778-782-6578
Email: charles_bingham@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8661, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Elina Birmingham

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-9392
Email: elina_birmingham@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8682, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Sean Blenkinsop


Phone: 778-782-6863
Email: sean_blenkinsop@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8566, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Geneviève Brisson

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-5842
Email: gbrisson@sfu.ca 
Office: EDB 8564, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Cécile Bullock

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-7125
Email: cecile_bullock@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8668, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Shawn Bullock

Visiting Associate Professor

Email: sbullock@sfu.ca

Dr. Stephen Campbell

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-3630
Email: sencael@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8664, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Wanda Cassidy


Phone: 778-782-8045
Email: cassidy@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8558, Burnaby Campus

David Chang

Limited Term Lecturer

Email: dchangh@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8648, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Ann Chinnery

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-8123
Email: ann_chinnery@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8571, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Sean Chorney

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Phone: 778-318-2462
Email: sbc7@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8673, Burnaby Campus

Isabelle Côté


Phone: 778-782-8550
Email: icote2@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8653, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Rebecca D. Cox

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-288-6332
Email: rebecca_cox@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5208, Surrey Campus

Dr. Diane Dagenais


Phone: 778-782-3222
Email: diane_dagenais@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7361, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Sara Florence Davidson

Assistant Professor

Email: sfdavids@sfu.ca

Dr. Pooja Dharamshi

Assistant Professor

Email: pooja_dharamshi@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8557, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Tenzin Doleck

Assistant Professor

Email: tdoleck@sfu.ca

Daniel Dunford

Term Lecturer

Email: ddunford@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8560, Burnaby Campus 

Last Names E - H

Dr. Ismaeil Fazel

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-9908
Email: ifazel@sfu.ca
Office: WMC 1301, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Lynn Fels


Phone: 778-782-3529
Email: lynn_fels@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7367, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Mark Fettes

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-2555
Email: mtfettes@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8561, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Paméla Filiatrault-Veilleux

Limited Term Lecturer

Email: pfiliatr@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8682, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Roger Frie


Phone: 778-782-4483
Email: roger_frie@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7367, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko

Teaching Professor and Associate Dean, Academic and Faculty Development

Phone: 778-782-8216
Email: nataliag@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9507, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Engida Gebre

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-9754
Email: engida_gebre@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5212, Surrey Campus

Dr. Alanaise Goodwill

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-7604
Email: alanaise_goodwill@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5214, Surrey Campus

Dr. Huamei Han

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-5443
Email: huamei_han@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7353, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Joel Heng Hartse

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 778-835-6904
Email: jhenghar@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8555, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Cher Hill

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-4156
Email: chill@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8672, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Maureen Hoskyn

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-5808
Email: mhoskyn@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8682, Burnaby Campus

Last Names I - L

Dr. Roumiana Ilieva

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-4570
Email: rilieva@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8663, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Robyn Ilten-Gee

Assistant Professor

Email: robyn_iltengee@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8570, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Larry Johnson

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: lcj2@sfu.ca

Dr. Sharalyn Jordan

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-9075
Email: sjordan@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5210, Surrey Campus

Dr. Gillian Judson

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-8121
Email: gcj@sfu.ca
Office: SUR 5216, Surrey Campus

Dr. Lannie Kanevsky

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-5965
Email: kanevsky@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8569, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Vicki Kelly

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-7226
Email: vicki_kelly@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8563, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen

Associate Professor

Email: kristiina_kumpulainen@sfu.ca

Dr. Daniel Laitsch

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-893-3472
Email: dlaitsch@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5222, Surrey Campus

Dr. Hélène Lalancette

Limited Term Lecturer and Associate Director, OFFA

Phone: 778-782-6866
Email: helene_lalancette@sfu.ca
Office: CSB 198, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Lucy LeMare

Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Phone: 778-782-3272
Email: lucy_lemare@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8547, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Gino LeBlanc

Professor of Professional Practice and Director, Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs 

Phone: 778-782-6981 
Email: baff_dir@sfu.ca
Office: CSB 198, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Ena Lee

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-6857
Email: ena@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8674, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Peter Liljedahl


Phone: 778-782-5884
Email: liljedahl@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8660, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Angel M.Y. Lin


Phone: 778-782-5789
Email: angellin_2018@sfu.ca
EDB 8556, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Michael Ling

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-4168
Email: gling@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8666, Burnaby Campus

Last Names M - P

Dr. Margaret MacDonald

Associate Professor and Director, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 778-782-7085
Email: margaret_macdonald@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8637, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Allan MacKinnon

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-4129
Email: allan_mackinnon@sfu.ca

Dr. Jan MacLean

Senior Lecturer

Phone: 604-716-4600
Email: jlmaclea@sfu.ca
Office: EBD 8667, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Kris Magnusson


Phone: 778-782-7270
Email: krism@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8567, Burnaby Campus 

Dr. Carolyn Mamchur


Phone: 778-782-3661
Email: carolyn_mamchur@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5355, Surrey Campus

Dr. Elizabeth Marshall

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-5268
Email: elizabeth_marshall@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7357, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Steve Marshall


Phone: 778-782-7666
Email: sj_marshall@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8675, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Zahia A. Marzouk

Limited Term Lecturer

Email: zahia_marzouk@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8570, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Masahiro Minami

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-3677
Email: mminamia@sfu.ca
SRY 5220, Surrey Campus

Dr. Danièle Moore

Distinguished SFU Professor

Phone: 778-773-0798
Email: daniele_moore@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8682, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Yumiko Murai

Assistant Professor

Phone: 778-782-7425
Email: yumiko_murai@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8656, Burnaby Campus

Dr. John Nesbit


Phone: 778-782-2552
Email: nesbit@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8662, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Paul Neufeld

Associate Professor and Director, Pre-service Professional studies

Phone: 778-782-4390
Email: pneufeld@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8641, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Michelle Nilson

Associate Professor

Phone: 604-551-2639
Email: michelle_nilson@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5218, Surrey Campus

Dr. Patricia Nitkin

Clinical Professor

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: pnitkin@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5217, Surrey Campus

Dr. Kevin O'Neill

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-3476
Email: kevin_oneill@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8671, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Susan O'Neill

Professor and Dean, Education

Phone: 778-782-3148
Email: sao@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9513, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Amy Parent

Associate Professor

Email: amy_parent@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8559, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Rhonda Philpott

Limited Term Lecturer

Email: rhonda_philpott@sfu.ca

Dr. Michelle Pidgeon

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Indigeneity

Phone: 778-782-8609
Email: michelle_pidgeon@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5330, Surrey Campus

Dr. David Pimm

Limited Term Senior Lecturer

Email: djp3@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8657, Burnaby Campus

Carolyn Roberts

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 604-528-0586
Email: carolyn_roberts_2@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8623, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Paula Rosehart

Limited Term Lecturer and Associate Director, Advanced Professional Studies

Phone: 778-782-3389
Email: paula_rosehart@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8539, Burnaby Campus

Last Names Q - T

Dr. Michèle Schmidt

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-4126
Email: michele_schmidt@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8677, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Özlem Sensoy


Phone: 778-782-6795
Email: ozlem_sensoy@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8655, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Yaroslav Senyshyn


Phone: 778-782-4348
Email: yaroslav_senyshyn@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8658, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Nathalie Sinclair

Professor and Associate Dean, Research and International

Phone: 778-782-4303
Email: nathsinc@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8654, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Gillian Smith


Phone: 778-782-5173
Email: gds1@sfu.ca
Office: SRYC 5219, Surrey Campus

Dr. Stephen Smith

Teaching Professor

Phone: 778-782-3259
Email: stephen_smith@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8665, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Suzanne Smythe

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-782-8882
Email: suzanne_smythe@sfu.ca
Office: HC 7363, Vancouver Campus

Dr. Celeste Snowber


Phone: 778-782-4453
Email: celeste@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5206, Surrey Campus

Dr. Krista Socholotiuk

Assistant Professor

Phone: 604-908-6232
Email: krista_socholotiuk@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5210, Surrey Campus

Janice St. Helene

Limited Term Lecturer
Associate Director, Professional Program

Phone: 778-782-7169
Email: jsthelen@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8642, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Inna Stepaniuk

Assistant Professor

Email: istepani@sfu.ca

Dr. Jeff Sugarman


Phone: 778-782-3835
Email: sugarman@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8565, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Richard Tatomir

Practioner Instructor

Phone: 604-360-6358
Email: rtatomir@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5217, Surrey Campus

Erin Thrift

Limited Term Lecturer

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: ethrift@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5217, Surrey Campus

Last Names U - Z

Dr. Dolores van der Wey

Associate Professor (Post-Retirement Appointment)

Phone: 778-782-3798
Email: dolores_vanderwey@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8673, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Robert Williamson

Associate Professor

Phone: 778-990-7300
Email: robert_williamson@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8568, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Philip Winne

Distinguished SFU Professor

Phone: 778-239-8781
Email: winne@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8679, Burnaby Campus

Dr. David Zandvliet


Phone: 778-782-5680
Email: dbz@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5288, Surrey Campus

Dr. Rina Zazkis


Phone: 778-782-3662
Email: rina_zazkis@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8669, Burnaby Campus