Faculty of Education Offices

Dean's Office

Administration and Support

Dr. Kris Magnusson

Dean of Education

Phone: 778-782-3148
Email: eddean@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9513, Burnaby Campus

Alana Nordstrand

Dean's Secretary

Phone: 778-782-3148
Email: educsec@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9514, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Natalia Gajdamaschko

Associate Dean, Academic and Faculty Development

Phone: 778-782-8216
EDB 9507, Burnaby Campus

Devi Pabla

Secretary, Associate Dean, Academic

Phone: 778-782-3001
Email: adasec@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9514, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Lucy LeMare

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies in Education

Phone: 778-782-3272
Email: lucy_lemare@sfu.ca
EDB 8547, Burnaby Campus

Jennifer Adams

Senior Director, Faculty Operations and Strategic Planning

Phone: 778-782-4928
Email: edsr_director@sfu.ca
EDB 9511, Burnaby Campus

Karen Hansen

Director, Administration

Phone: 778-782-4217
Email: eddiradm@sfu.ca
EDB 9509, Burnaby Campus

Rachel Lowry

Senior Associate Director, Advancement

Phone: 604-362-3930
Email: rlowry@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9505, Burnaby Campus

Celeste Hambleton

Associate Director, Program Administration

Phone: 778-782-3103
Email: educ_assoc_director@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8543, Burnaby Campus

Kellie Smith

Manager, Academic Affairs

Phone: 778-782-9795
Email: edmgraa@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9512, Burnaby Campus


Executive Coordinator

Phone: 778-782-5884
Email: educdo@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9505, Burnaby Campus

Christine Holoboff

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 778-782-3357
Email: educttr@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521, Burnaby Campus

Jacquelyn Brubacher 

Program Assistant

Phone: 778-782-4606
Email: educ_do_admin@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9505, Burnaby Campus

Project Management

Kristin Matheson

Associate Director, Special Projects

Phone: 778-782-9202
Email: educproj@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8548, Burnaby Campus

Theo Van Brabant

Manager, Special Projects

Phone: 778-782-4825
Email: theo_van_brabant@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8549, Burnaby Campus

Privilege Rundogo

Coordinator, Special Projects (Paths Forward)

Phone: 778-782-4020
Email: educpath@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8541, Burnaby Campus

Information Systems and Website

Howard Leung

Manager, Information Systems and Technology Projects  

Phone: 778-782-7030
Email: hleunge@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8524, Burnaby Campus

Bill Feenstra

Information Systems Developer

Phone: 778-782-7232
Email: educ-systems@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8530, Burnaby Campus

Jacques Lefevre

Information Systems Coordinator

Phone: 778-782-3450
Email: educ-systems@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8528, Burnaby Campus

Quincy Wang

Website Coordinator

Phone: 778-782-5971
Email: educwebc@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8526, Burnaby Campus

Facilities and Resources

Debbie Wilson

Facilities Specialist

Phone: 778-782-4129
Email: ed_facilities@sfu.ca
: EDB 8515, Burnaby Campus

Gabbie McDonogh

Resource Specialist (Mondays and Tuesdays)

Phone: 778-782-5321
Email: educreso@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521, Burnaby Campus

Rosie Peric

Resource Specialist (Wednesdays to Fridays)

Phone: 778-782-5321
Email: educreso@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521, Burnaby Campus

Research Hub

Dr. Natalie Sinclair

Associate Dean, Research and International

Phone: 778-782-4303
Email: nathsinc@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8657, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Cindy Xin

Director, Research

Phone: 778-782-6517
Email: cxin@sfu.ca 
Office: EDB 8516, Burnaby Campus

Dr. Ching-Chiu Lin

Research Facilitator

Phone: 778-782-9895
Email: edgrants@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8514, Burnaby Campus

Finance and Accounting

Amreet Gill 

Manager, Budget and Financial Analysis  

Phone: 778-782-3227
Email: education_financemgr@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521.1, Burnaby Campus

Sharon Chevalier

Budget Clerk

Phone: 778-782-3364
Email: sharon_chevalier@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521, Burnaby Campus

Gabbie McDonogh

Budget Clerk (Wednesdays, Fridays and every 2nd Thursday)

Phone: 778-782-3651
Email: gabriella_mcdonogh@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 9521, Burnaby Campus

Communications and Marketing

Melissa Hudson

Communications Manager

Phone: 778-782-9036
Email: mhudson@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8581.1, Burnaby Campus

Tom Ngo

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 778-782-7086
Office: EDB 8581.2, Burnaby Campus

Allen M. Quinn

Communications Associate (Contact for Social Media Enquiries) 

Email: aquinn@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8581, Burnaby Campus

Kim Peterson

Communications Assistant, Graduate Studies

Phone: 778-782-9488
Email: educadgs@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8581.2, Burnaby Campus

Irene Thanh

Communications Assistant

Email: irene_thanh@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8581.2, Burnaby Campus

Surrey Office

Dr. Daniel Laitsch

Director, Surrey Campus Liaison

Phone: 778-893-3472
Email: dlaitsch@sfu.ca
Office: SRY 5222, Surrey Campus

Leonard Thong

Coordinator, Strategic Enrolment, Space Planning & Operations

Phone: 604-710-5418
Email: leonardt@sfu.ca
Office: SUR 5204, Surrey Campus

Ina Fung / Kirstie Goodfellow

Secretary, Surrey Office 

Phone: 778-782-8597
Email: educsry@sfu.ca
Office: SUR 5203, Surrey Campus

Office of International Education


Director, Office of International Education

Email: EducIntl@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8531, Burnaby Campus

Office of Indigenous Education

Dr. Michelle Pidgeon

Associate Dean, Indigeneity

Phone: 778-782-8609
Office: SRY 5330, Surrey Campus

Jennie Blankinship

Manager, Office of Indigenous Education (on leave)

Phone: 778-782-9358
Email: jennie_blankinship@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8623, Burnaby Campus

Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

Simon Fraser University
Cornerstone Building
198 – 8960 University High Street
Burnaby, B.C.  V5A 4Y6

Phone: 778-782-6927
Fax: 778-782-6682

Dr. Hélène Lalancette

Associate Director

Phone: 778-782-6866
Email: educ_baff@sfu.ca
Cornerstone, Rm 198A

Christine Hutchins

Program Assistant

Phone: 778-782-7646
Email: educprog@sfu.ca
Cornerstone, Rm 198C

Note: The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) is located in Room 198 of the Cornerstone Building (8960 University High Street)

Education Central and Technology Support

IT Help

Faculty of Education

Phone: 778-782-3275
Email: educ-tech@sfu.ca

Brian Lee

Manager, Educational Technology and Media

Phone: 778-782-4278
Email: brianlee@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8512

Tim Coram


Phone: 778-782-3275
Email: educ-tech@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8513, Burnaby Campus

Ron Luo


Phone: 778-782-3275
Email: educ-tech@sfu.ca
Office: EDB 8513, Burnaby Campus