2018 Canadian Assessment Institute (April 23-25, 2018) 
CSELP director Michelle Pidgeon will be opening this three day event with a talk on Indigenous research and assessment! This CACUSS event provides an opportunity for student affairs practitioners to access a nation-wide community of Canadian assessment professionals, and build lasting relationships.

Faculty of Education Summer Institute
Every year CSELP supports the SFU Faculty of Education Summer Institute, an academic conference focused on change and improvement in the educational system at all levels. 

Reimagining Public Education Discourse in BC
October 2016 - A two-year CSELP symposium series designed to develop capacity for constructive deliberation, informed decision-making, and collaborative action. 

2012-2015 The CSELP Technology Symposium
From 2012-2015 the CSELP hosted an annual symposium on the use of technology for K–12 educators.

Higher Education Policy in Global Perspective
This series was designed to advance education policy dialogue in British Columbia. 

Green College Lecture Series - Kumari Beck
This presentation explored the complex process of internationalization through the frame of postcolonial analysis.