Reimagining Public Education Discourse in BC

A CSELP symposium series to develop capacity for constructive deliberation, informed decision-making and collaborative action

This series of four symposia is designed to improve dialogue about contentious issues in the discourse on the future of public education in British Columbia. This dialogue, along with an understanding of relevant facts and research, will help symposium participants to make informed decisions and take effective action in collaboration with others.

Symposium Schedule

Reimagining Public Education Discourse in BC Symposium Series began in October 2016. The second symposium was held in February 2017. The final two symposia will be in October 2017 and February 2018. All are planned and presented by Bruce Beairsto, Hugh Finlayson and Charlie Naylor.

Participants attend all four symposia in the series and are encouraged to both apply what they learn and share it with others through local initiatives in the time between symposia.

Intended Outcomes

Each symposium affords participants the opportunity to:

  • Develop a conceptual understanding and a practical tool kit of strategies and skills for dialogue and decision-making,
  • Examine a specific contentious issue to better understand the range of perspectives and interests involved as an illustrative experience in dialogue,
  • Engage in individual and shared reflection on that illustrative experience to inform the development of personal and group capacity for dialogue and decision-making.

Experience to Date

The planning group has prepared brief reflections on the first two symposia which chronicle the content of the first two symposia and look ahead the rest of the series.

As the symposium proceeds a Tool Kit of resources is being developed to assist participants in their developing their own skills and in involving others in the discussion of ways to improve capacity for constructive deliberation, informed decision-making and collaborative action in their local context.

For more information about the symposium series contact CSELP Affiliate, Bruce Beairsto at