Dr. Dan Laitsch

Founding Director of CSELP and Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Dan Laitsch is the founding Director of CSELP. Currently on the Steering Committee, Dr. Laitsch is an associate professor with the Faculty of Education at SFU, where he teaches in the Educational Leadership programs and co-edits the International Journal for Education Policy and Leadership. He has served as Chair and Program Chair of the American Educational Research Association Special Interest Group on Research Use. Dr. Laitsch has worked with the Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) on school health issues in BC and across Canada. Dr. Laitsch’s research interests include the use of research in policy and practic and school health approaches to systemic education reform. Dr. Laitsch can be reached at dlaitsch@sfu.ca.

CSELP Steering Committee

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