Dr. Michelle Nilson

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Michelle Nilson is an associate professor with the Faculty of Education at SFU, where she teaches in the Educational Leadership programs. Researchers and scholars often find themselves working at the boundaries or nexus of two approaches, and Dr. Nilson's research and scholarship is inspired by questions concerning the nexus between postsecondary institutions, their environment, and the social, physical, and political. Her current work is a critical examination of student financial aid and teacher education policies and their implications for access, equity, and postsecondary student participation. Her research draws on her previous experience as an administrator of several large National Science Foundation and Ford Foundation grants that fostered opportunities for building networks and communication between various stakeholder groups. Her early days were spent in Detroit, Michigan, where she taught high school mathematics and middle school science. Dr. Nilson can be reached at mnilson@sfu.ca.

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