Looking for a rewarding career? Become a teacher.

Simon Fraser University offers a variety of pathways for people who are interested in teaching.

From the Bachelor of General Studies in Education, to the Professional Development Program and Professional Linking Program, SFU has a long and successful history of helping aspiring educators, recent graduates, and experienced paraprofessionals to become certified elementary and secondary teachers.

Office of Indigenous Education

The Faculty of Education's Office of Indigenous Education is fully committed to working collaboratively with diverse Indigenous communities and organizations, as well as with individual students and educators in a range of rural and urban locations. We also offer support and resources for applicatns of Indigenous ancestry from Canada. 

For more information, please contact Jennie Blankinship, Director, Office of Indigenous Education:

View the Undergraduate Admission Requirements, the Aboriginal Undergraduate Admission Policy (AUAP), and the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE).

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Bachelor of General Studies in Education (BGS)

Are you a high school student thinking about becoming a teacher?

Whether you already have your heart set on becoming a teacher, or you simply want to learn more about educational theories, research and practices, SFU's Bachelor of General Studies in Education (BGS) can put you on the path to success. 

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Professional Development Program (PDP)

Have you already completed a Bachelor's degree, or are you currently completing one? 

If you have a Bachelor's degree — or are in the process of completing one — SFU's long-standing Professional Development Program (PDP) can help you become a certified elementary or secondary teacher in British Columbia, and beyond. 

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Professional Linking Program (PLP)

Do you have at least two years of experience working as an education paraprofessional? 

Are you a student support worker, para-educator or independent school educator who's interested in becoming a certified elementary or secondary teacher? SFU's flexible Professional Linking Program (PLP) can help you do just that. 

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SFU’s oldest grad presents thesis defense in Haida Gwaii

“I had always dreamed of going to university,” says Barbara Wilson, who at 76 years is the oldest student to convocate with a graduate degree from Simon Fraser University this summer.

A member of the Haida Nation, Wilson will receive an MA in curriculum and instructional foundation from the Faculty of Education during the June convocation. She is among 164 Indigenous students to convocate this June, a record high for SFU.

Setting still more precedents, Wilson also became the first student at SFU to host an MA thesis defense in Haida Gwaii. She invited SFU faculty and staff, as well as more than 60 people from the Haida community, to the event in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii.