Conference Participation

Goodwill, A.O. (2015, June). Envisioning Leaders – Creating Space in our Culture for Those Who Lead Differently. Keynote Presenter at the Identity and Philosophical Inquiry in an Age of Diversity, UBC

Goodwill, A.O. (2010, May). Recognizing and Incorporating Knowledge of Historical Trauma in Your Work with Aboriginal Clients. Invited Presenter at the David Berman Memorial Conference on Concurrent Disorders, Vancouver, BC.

Goodwill, A.O. (2010, November). The Sacred Role of Women in Our Communities. Keynote Presenter at the Reclaiming our Voices Conference and Healing Gathering, Russell, MB.

Goodwill, A.O. (2009, October). Aboriginal Mental Health and Spirituality. Invited Presenter at the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network 14th Annual Conference on Spirituality and Mental Health, Vancouver, BC.