Graduate Student Supervision

Doctoral Theses Supervised

Solmaz Khodaeifaal (Ph.D., 2022), Curriculum, pedagogy, and the practical: From waves to quantum physics

Michelle Penny (EdD, 2019), BSN nurse educator conceptions of teaching: The science and art of nursing education

Blackbird (April Russell) (PhD, 2019), The dance of utter darkness: Pedagogy for the outsider

Yvona Mladenovic (PhD, 2019), Science teaching that matters: Experiences of first-year university students

Marsha Dinelli (PhD, 2018), The work of art making

Natasha Mrikic-Subotic (EdD, 2018), Shifting landscapes in the academy: Career development as a strategic priority.

Awneet Sivia (PhD, 2017), Discord and dissonance: Living through and learning from a teacher educator’s memories

Victor Brar (EdD, 2016), Using Bourdieu’s theory of practice to understand academic under achievement among inner-city students in British Columbia: A conceptual study

Shari Worsfold (EdD, 2015), Supporting classroom literacy instruction with reflective dialogue

Mary Giovannetti (PhD, 2015), Faculty and administrator perceptions of a faculty evaluation process and its ability to advance faculty enrichment

Teresa Farrell (EdD, 2015), Exploring the potential of comic improvisation as a means of understanding generative dialogue

Isti Rokhiyah (PhD, 2015), Writing an educational autobiography as a way to become a reflective teacher

Yudhi Setiani (PhD, 2014), A social constructivist learning approach for an online civic education tutorial at Indonesia Open University

William Radford (PhD, 2013), Post secondary internationalization and hyper-diverse city contexts

Christine Tze Ngag Wong (EdD, 2013), Confucian Junzi leadership: A model of authentic moral transformation for educational leaders

Quirien Mulder ten Kate (PhD, 2011), Direct experience in nature

Laura Buker (PhD, 2011), Walking backwards into the future with our stories: The Sto:lo is a river of knowledge, Haq’eméylem is a river of stories

Phonesavanh Thepphasoulithone (PhD, 2009), Reforming teacher education in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Nancy Johnston (PhD, 2007), Conceptions of curriculum in Co-operative Education: A framework for analysis of the Co-op Preparatory Curriculum

Arunjit Gill (PhD, 2006), In search of intuitive knowledge: A comparison of Eastern and Western epistemology

Dhammika Mirisse (PhD, 2004), Education for mindfulness: From the diary of a monk

Wanda Pierson (PhD, 2003), Reflections on the process of learning the work of nurses during practice experiences

Hwai Hsuan (Eric) Wu (PhD, 2003), The art of I am: A performative approach towards art education

Gerda Wever-Rabehl (PhD, 2001), Lived experiment: Leaping beyond ethics of care into depth of different Others

Pakkeer Pakkeer-Jaufar (EdD, 2001), Organizational health and the achievement level of students in science at the secondary level schools in Sri Lanka

Michelle McGinn (PhD, 2000), Researching problem solving in software design, mathematics, and statistical consulting: From qualitative case studies to grounded theory

Glenn Brown (PhD, 1999), Habitat workshops: Knowledge, care and practice

Janet McVittie (PhD, 1999), Literacy, science, and science education

Carol Scarff-Seatter (PhD, 1998), An analysis of the concept of teaching in elementary school science education

Barbara Graham (PhD, 1998), Changing cultures, changing teachers: A case study of mandated structural and cultural change

David Coulter (PhD, 1994), Dialogism and teacher research

Judith McPhie (PhD, 1992), Between the “no longer” and the “not yet”: A description and analysis of a collaborative effort in teacher education

Masters Theses Supervised

Stéphanie Dodier (M.A., 2020), Perspectives on the competency-driven reform in British Columbia: A case study of the teacher education program at SFU

Darren Birch (MA, 2019), Opening the black box: Examining the “micro-physics” of power in teacher/student co-evaluation of academic achievement

Michael Bergenheim (MA, 2018), Language acquisition in a deaf learner: An autobiography

Emma MacFarlane (MA, 2018), Holistic identity development in undergraduate students: A narrative inquiry and self-study

Afrina Khan (MA, 2017), Post 9/11 trauma: A mother’s concern about her adolescent daughter in a Canadian public school

Yvonne DeWith (MA, 2015), Development of teacher expertise with interactive whiteboards: A collaborative inquiry using grounded theory

Tony Botelho (MA, 2012), Career education in the age of engagement: An analysis of initiatives at Simon Fraser University

Hien Nguyen (MA, 2009), Marketization of higher education in Vietnam in the era of neo-liberal globalization: Policy and practice

Marco Espinoza (MA, 2004), How to become an educational leader in five easy steps: An inquiry into the phenomenon of decision making

Sean Nosek (MA, 2003), Hearing the music

Bridget Walshe (MA, 1999), Driftwood: Making sense of a life informed by nature

Ta Thi Han Hoan (MSc, 1999), Self-regulated learning in a Vietnamese context

Nguyen Thanh Thuy (MSc, 1999), The use of Donald Schön’s conceptualization of reflection-in-action in Vietnamese teacher education

Le Thi So-Nhu (MSc, 1999), A case study of cooperative learning in inorganic chemistry tutorials at the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City

Huynh Huu Tri (MSc, 1999), Factors affecting choice of major in science in the University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam

Lam Quang Vinh (MSc, 1999), Applying problem-solving approaches in a general physics laboratory in the College of Natural Sciences, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Trevor Connor (MA, 1999), Students’ experiences in a self-directed setting: Dialogical relationships

Doreen Dewell (MSc, 1998), Investigating the usefulness of evolutionary theory for understanding biology and attaining bioliteracy

Michael Cummings (MA, 1998), Learning in elementary science: “Hunkering” by the light of children

Awneet Sivia (MSc, 1998), Exploring learning conversations: Empowering practices in education

Vo Thi Thanh Phuong (MSc, 1998), An investigation of the use of concept mapping in teaching and learning cellular respiration in a Vietnamese university

Duong Quang Minh (MSc, 1998), Teachers’ and students’ ideas about the use of multiple choice tests in physics: A study in a Vietnamese university

Luu Thu Nghi (MSc, 1998), A case study of an innovation in chemistry teaching at the College of General Studies, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy (MSc, 1998), Students’ approaches to learning physics in a Vietnamese university: An investigation of teachers’ and students’ perceptions

Norm Ellis (MA, 1997), Toward a common agenda: A case study of teacher and student roles in an innovative secondary school

Lori d’Agincourt (MA, 1997), Re-presenting science: A study of elementary teachers’ experiences and understandings of science

Nguyen Quoc Chinh (MSc, 1997), The teaching process in a Vietnamese university: An investigation of teachers’ and students’ perceptions

Phan Thanh Chumg (MSc, 1997), Effects of chemical demonstrations in teaching analytical chemistry

Huu Ho Hau (MSc, 1997), A teaching innovation to promote authentic science in a physics teaching laboratory in a Vietnamese university

Phan Thi Nhi (MSc, 1997), A study of chemistry teaching with environmental issues at Nhatrang University of Fisheries

Tran Thi Thien Huong (MSc, 1997), A combination of physics lectures and demonstrations ssing the learning cycle in physics teaching at the College of General Studies National University of Ho Chi Minh City

Nancy Davidge-Johnston (MSc, 1996), The nature of learning in cooperative education in the applied sciences

Le Van Hao (MSc, 1996), An integration of history and demonstrations of physics into the introductory physics course

Nguyen Bich Lien (MSc, 1996), The social context of genetics education in Vietnam: A case study at Dalat University

Doan Thi My (MSc, 1996), Using “case study” and “cooperative learning” teaching approaches in a second-year physiology course at Dalat University

Nguyen Huu Tan (MSc, 1996), A case study of a computer-based laboratory course in calculus at Dalat University

Vo Thi Hong Tinh (MSc, 1996), An environmental approach to the general chemistry curriculum for basic science students in Ho Chi Minh City University

Quirien Mulder ten Kate (MSc, 1996), A case study of “reflective moments” in conversations: Making sense of environmental education

Philip Balcaen (MA, 1996), Introducing Thomas Haney Centre: “To seek challenge and to experience success”

Peter Hopkinson (MSc, 1993), Science in the most curious places: An analysis of an in-service science education program for elementary school teachers

Trevor Owen (MA, 1993), High teach: Learning from the experiences of wired writers

Peter Herd (MA, 1993), Adult students’ perceptions of their own learning processes

Masters Projects Supervised

Julia Leong (MEd, 2011), Points of departure; points of viewing: Narrative inquiry through a digital lens

Sue Baker-Hamm (MEd, 2001), Teaching and learning in an information technology environment: Computers and literacy in an early primary classroom

Will Moore (MEd, 2000), What is a Biome?

Karen Chong (MEd, 1999), “Can we play?”: Exploring the validity of play in the primary classroom

Jane McRae (MEd, 1998), Building community attachment through mapping: An adult ESL curriculum model

Harjeet Manhas (MEd, 1998), Presenting an alternative perspective in science education

Virginia Marsolais (MEd, 1997), An analysis of hands-on science units taught to a grade five-six class

Ken Murray (MEd, 1997), Telling a story of science: A metaphor for the work of physics teachers

Dori Kaplun (MEd, 1996), The use of videotape evaluations in medical radiography at BCIT

Lynne Davies (MEd, 1995), The Cariboo Connection: Interactive strategies for curriculum application using telecommunication technologies

Karen Bunting (MEd, 1995), Making meaning by connecting through story

Isobel Harry (MEd, 1995), Closed circuit television: Are post-delivery obstetrical patients and nursing staff satisfied with this educational medium?

Ken Hignell (MEd, 1995), Computer mediated communication constructivism in the Nineties. A case study of students as global scientists

Tammy Wirick (MEd, 1993), Using visual images in a “reflective practicum”

Margaret Scarr (MEd, 1993), An analysis of reflection through interactive video

Nanci Ferrell (MEd, 1993), A case study of reflective practice

Committee Member on Theses and Projects

Maria Cristina Limo Albuquerque Maranao (M.A., 2022), Through the teachings of the local marine life: A case study of students’, student-teachers’, teachers and leaders’ perceptions of Ocean Wise selected programming

Michael Sjoerdsma (EdD, 2021), Exploring students’ conceptions of success in a first-year Engineering course using Fuzzy Concept Maps

Lynda Beveridge (Ph.D., 2020), Witnessing a mosaic emerge: The phenomenon of transformative learning within a professional master’s degree program

Cynthia Xie (Ph.D., 2020), The learning virtues: Chinese cultural dispositions and student success

Sally Vinden (Ph.D., 2020), An exploration of British Columbia’s TVET instructors’ perceptions that influence their curriculum choices

Jin Thindall (Ph.D., 2019), Springsteen, a three-minute song, a life of learning

Christopher Kinman (Ph.D., 2019), The river carries that which the mountains can’t hold

Alana Stockwell (MA, 2019), A self-study of my professional development in the early years of my teaching

Bratislav Mladenovic (EdD, 2019), The work of learning: Stories of senior undergraduate university students

Olivia Kanna (PhD, 2019), Hope for the embattled language classroom: Pedagogies and trauma interventions for survival and healing

Karen Fiorini (PhD, 2019), Dehumanization in the workplace

Marla McClellan (PhD, 2019), Exploring reflective practice and intentional response with teachers: Implications for wellbeing in the classroom

Rita Santillan (MA, 2018), The discovery of the “transcendental man”: An introduction to the Age of Knowledge by S. Raynaud de la Ferrière and its application in education

Amanda Cantelon (MA, 2018), Making in the classroom: A self-study examining the implementation of a makerspace

Eleonora Joensuu (PhD, 2018), A politics of disgust: Selfhood, world-making, and ethics

Sara Frankenberger (MA, 2017), The shaping of German-Canadian family memory of World War II and the Holocaust

Marco Espinoza (PhD, 2016), Language as ‘element’: The sentient registers of communicative practice

Darren Francis (EdD, 2016), A landscape of choices: The academic journeys of 15 university students

Robyn Schell (PhD, 2016), Social benefits of digital gaming for older adults: The example of Wii bowling

Maggie Rudkowski (PhD, 2015), The complexity of understanding: Young children’s experiences in a forest program

Mohamed Toha (PhD, 2015), A study of student success factors in distance education at the Open University of Indonesia

Jarintorn Wintachai (PhD, 2013), Literacy policy in Thailand: A critical discourse analysis

Shannon Tito (PhD, 2013), Peace education in Uganda: Educators perceptions of a peace education curriculum

Adhi Susilo (PhD, 2013), Emerging technologies acceptance in online tutorials: Tutors’ and students’ behaviour

Rozanna Becker (MA, 2013), The journey of creativity with an Asperger’s adolescent

David Erickson (PhD, 2012), Curricular and pedagogical reform: Transformative opportunities for personalized learning in middle school music environments

Michael Bowdridge (PhD, 2010), Outdoor adventure education in schools: Curriculum or pedagogy?

Roland Schultz (PhD, 2010), On the path to a philosophy of science education

Rosemary Henriksen (EdD, 2010), An exploration of peer-administered academic departments: Towards an inter-subjectively mindful leadership program

Stephen Nikleva (MA, 2009), Lived experiences in sound

Irene Percival (PhD, 2004), The use of cultural perspectives in the elementary classroom

Heather Mohen van Heerden (PhD, 2003), A circle of loving and creating: Journeying toward wholeness in the arts therapies with children who grieve

Katherine Alexander (PhD, 2001), A genre analysis of the Wandering Books

Barbara Moon (PhD, 1999), Craft theory in research on teacher education

Susan Kurbis (MEd, 1999), The Green, the bold, and the unruly: The environmental youth alliance and its educational programs

Tom Ashley (MA, 1999), Globalization and education: A critical view of post-secondary education for the millennium

Judith Cowan (MA, 1999), The breast-feeding experiences and decision-making influences of South Asian women in Vancouver, Canada

Sylvia Watt (MA, 1998), An examination of contextual supervision in a preschool practicum setting

Susan Masson (MA, 1998), Action research inquiries in elementary mathematics

Kimiko Bechta (MA, 1998), Mother Earth, Brother Bear: Discerning metaphors to live by in environmental education

Bill Hammond (PhD, 1998), The Earth as a problem: A curriculum inquiry into the nature of environmental education

David Beckstead (PhD, 1998), Composers in electronic residence: Music, technology and textual presence

Gordon Detta (MEd, 1998), The Resource management program at Rutland Senior Secondary School: Is it outcome-based education?

Katherine Rogers (MA, 1997), Curriculum and culture: Reflecting on resistance in an ESL classroom

Filippelli, Marie (MEd, 1997), The need for information assimilation in a competency-based clinical program

Maureen Williams (MEd, 1997), In the moment: Science, society (and the soul)

Brenda Williams (MEd, 1997), Male nurses’ perceptions of their nursing preparation and early nursing practice

Laurie Scholefield (MA, 1996), Ritual as purposeful pedagogy

Anne Lawson (MA, 1996), An exploration of the relationship between children’s spirituality and the curriculum

Gillian Smith (MA, 1996), Students’ autobiographical memories of one-to-one instructional conversations: A qualitative analysis of the social psychological learning process

Maricela Corzo-Pena (MA, 1996), Textbook difficulty and syntactic complexity: An analysis of grades three and four science textbooks

Tom Yu (MEd, 1996), A study of the need for sex education in China

Chris Sorensen (BAS, 1996), Explore engineering!

Hannah McDonald (MEd, 1996), Reflection in the nursing practicum

Beth Mehrassa (MSc, 1995), Toward an internal view of mathematics: A story of dynamic growth in a secondary school

Barbara Martin (MA, 1995), “It still bugs me but I don’t really care” and other attitudes about school expressed by grade six students

Cynthia Lewis (PhD, 1995), “A little off balance”: Exploring teachers’ experiences with a new curriculum in French as a second language through teacher inquiry

Steven Rodgers (MA, 1993), School district support for elementary school improvement: Policies, practices, perceptions

Alinda Patsch (MEd, 1993), Encouraging student thinking through the content of field botany

Hugh Blackman (MEd, 1993), Students’ perceptions of reflective experience: A case study of six students

Laura Bickerton (MSc, 1993), Case method teaching in senior biology: A synthesis of curriculum content and goals with Year 2000 goals

Alan McLeod (MEd, 1992), Computer-mediated communication in elementary science education: Does it facilitate active learning as defined by Green and Reid (1989)?

Chris McMahen (MEd, 1992), The design and implementation of the CMC project “Salmonids Online”

Timothy Seifert (PhD, 1991), Elaborative interrogation and cognitive structure


  • 120+ PhD, EdD, MA, MSc Theses/MEd Projects
  • 100+ MEd comprehensive exams