Keynotes and Invited Talks

Mamchur, C. (2004). The Laying on of Hands. Invited Keynote at Without Borders, Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (2004). The Need for Community in a Faculty of Education. Invited Keynote at the Wosk Dialogue. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. with writer in residence, Daphne Marlatt (2004). Closet Writers Event. Invited talk, SFU sponsored by Centre for Writing Intensive Learning.

Mamchur, C. (2000). Social worker and decision making. Keynote and invited workshop leader at the Annual Meeting of Alberta Social Services. Edmonton, AB.

Mamchur, C. (1997). The leader of the future. Keynote at the IAHA. CA.

Mamchur, C. (1993). Multi-faceted learners. Keynote at the E.L.A.C. International Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Mamchur, C. (1991). Informed choice, The responsibilities of academics in the 21st century. Invited speaker at the Conference on Fragmentation of Knowledge. Institute of Knowledge, Capri, Italy.

Mamchur, C. (1989). Leadership strategies which enhance personal integrity and increase job satisfaction. Invited keynote at the Conference on Communication and Success. Cincinnati, OH.

Mamchur, C. (1988). The role of understanding individual differences in teacher education: A Canadian model. Invited keynote and seminar work at the University of Athens, Athens, Greece.