Paper Presentations

Mamchur, C. (2016). The Story and The Story Tellers: Narrative and Literacy for at Risk Students. ½ day special presentation and paper at the Hawaii International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI.

Mamchur, C (2013). Holy Insecurity: Do we dare to create emergent curriculum? Paper presentation at CSSE. Victoria, BC.

Mamchur, C. (2010). The Child and the Adult. Paper presentation at the Conference on Child Care in Higher Education. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. & Apps,L. (2010). Thou Shalt not Touch. Paper presentation at the Conference on Child Care and Institutions, UBC. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (2009). Let the Artist Educate. Paper presentation at the CSEA Conference on Education in the Arts, Inside Out. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (2008). Infallible Judgement. Paper presentation at the IAHA Conference on Learning Excellence. Portugal.

Mamchur, C.(2006). Foundations of Academic Literacy. Paper presentation at the Pacific Rim Symposium. Japan.

Mamchur, C. (2004). The Necessity for Meaningful Social Interaction as part of the Learning in On-Line Distant Learning Programs. Paper presentation at the International Conference on Creativity and Imagination in Education, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia.

Mamchur, C. (2003). The Inclusive Nature of Narrative. Paper presentation and Session Leader at the 5th Annual Symposium on Innovative Teaching, Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. Adult Literacy. Paper Presentation at the Pacific-rim HUE Conference on Education, Sapporo, Japan

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. Demystifying Artistic Process. Paper presentation at AERA. San Francisco, CA.

Mamchur, C. and all of 832-5 Class. Living the Praxis. Presentation at the Conference on Teaching and Innovation, SFU. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (1998). Locus of control in online learning. ICDE Conference, Penn State, PA.

Mamchur, C. (1997). Developing academic courses for the world wide web. Paper presentation at the ICDE International Conference, Penn State, PA..

Mamchur, C. (1996). Hermeneutics to composition and back. Paper presentation at the NCTE Conference. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (1994). Discovering your story: Educator as story teller. Paper presentation at the International Conference on Narrative Literature. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (1994). Learning style and the classroom teacher. Paper presentation and Workshop at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Vancouver, BC.

Mamchur, C. (1993). Informed choice: Curriculum of the students, by the students, for the students and their teachers. Paper presentation at the Technology and Reading Conference, Santa Clara, CA.