Screenplays and Film

Mamchur, C. (submitted). The Chocolate Bar. Oprha Productions.

Mamchur, C. (2016) Buzzer (3 act play), Lori Triolo (Producer).

Mamchur, C. (2016). Dark Magic. Screen Play. High Definitions Productions, Inc. Wpg. Man. (Won Whistler Film Festival).

Mamchur, C.  (2014). Dark Magic. treatment for screenplay, Jeremy Torrie, Producer.

Mamchur, C. (2013) script editor feature film. Dead Tired. Evergon Arts. Inc., Montreal, Que. (Won 3rd prize in SlamDance 2013 Screen Writing Competition).

Mamchur, C. (2012). Evil grows. Feature film. Treatment. High Definitions Productions, Inc.

Mamchur, C. (2009). story editor. Going for the Motherlode: The re-X story. Casablanca Motion Picture Corporation.

Mamchur, C. (2009). script editor feature film. Wall of Sound. Couzin Films, Montreal, Que.

Mamchur, C. (2010). Taking Risks. (documentary film)

Mamchur, C. (2010). 199 Speaks. (documentary film)

Mamchur, C. & Apps, L. (2007). Leo Adams, Artist at Work (documentary film)

Mamchur, C. (2006). Maria Kat (novella for CBC TV series)

Mamchur, C. (Creative consultant) (2005). The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess. Force Four Productions (feature film released November 2004 in theaters, CHUM TV, 2005)

Mamchur, C. (1998). Arousal (screenplay based on Gowdy short story). Back Ally Films, Producer.

Mamchur, C. (1994). The Whole Brass Band, adaptation from novel, Credo Producer

Mamchur, C. (1992). The White Dress. (half hour drama, CBC Love and Marriage Series)

Mamchur, C. (1992). Wolf at the Door. Regional Productions, Inc., Judy Zaztlow, Producer.