Service to Professional Community

  • Editor, Narrative Magazine (2013–2014)
  • Editor, Telefilm Canada (2009–2014)
  • Script Editor, CBC, Telefilm (2007–2014)
  • Program Developer, WIDC Women in the Director’s Chair (2001–2014)
    Developed and delivered film production programs educating women directors, edited scripts, ongoing consultation, resulting in feature film productions (two presented at Vancouver Film Festival 2014
  • Program Developer, Feature It, Telefilm Montreal (2010–2013)
    Developed and delivered programs educating English speaking Producers – creating Horror Films using Archetypes.
  • Consultant, Health and education industries: change management, curriculum design, creative enhancement and communication skills with focus on writing (1980–2011)
    • Hemmera Environmental Consultants
    • Weyerhauser (former MacMillan Bloedel)(Canada, US, Mexico)
    • North Shore Health Services, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital
    • Ministry of Health and Welfare, Alberta
    • Indian Affairs, Saskatchewan
    • Professional Development for teachers in secondary schools beyond one day workshops (average 3 per year)
      • Osoyoos School District (two years of service)
      • Vedanta Academy (two years of service)
      • Principal's Association
  • Director, AWS – Wellness Solutions (2010)
  • Member, Praxis (2009–2010)
  • Writing/Promotions Coach, Hemmera Environmental Consultants (2009–2010)
  • Creative Consultant, Force Four Productions (2007)
  • Director, Writing Intensive Office (2006–2008)
  • Director, Board of Directors Wondertree