Graduate Student Supervision

Senior Supervisor

Goto, Chisen (EdD), 2016. Re-engaging the Heart: Analysis of the RCMP culture shift

Rowland, Andrea (EdD), 2015. Documenting a school’s journey in learning self-regulation and integration

Britton, Vandy (PhD), 2014. Appreciating Autism: Stories of My Son

Lannan, Jeffrey (PhD), 2014. Storytelling as Pedagogy

Saul, Michael (PhD), 2014. Evaluative Practices in Secondary Schools

Scott, Charles (PhD). Turning to the Other: Relational Dialogue

Nish, Bonnie (MA), 2014. Poetics of Individuation through The Creative Process

Becker, Zana (MA). The Journey of Creativity with an Asperger’s Adolescent

Sutton, Vera (MA), Art as Healing

Carolan, Claire (MA), An Auto-ethnographical Exploration Technical Theatre Arts and Design in the Academy

Shaw, Cathi (PhD), A Pedagogical Balancing Act: Helping students to discover their voice in an academic literacy course

Nikieva, Stephen (MA), Lived Experiences in Sound

Murray, Claire (MA), In Search Of An Intersubjective Storytelling Voice: An Ethnographic Narrative Across Two Continents

Kurnaedy, Karen (MA), A choreographer’s process: A personal story

Apps, Linda (PhD), Artistic Process:Demystifying Art

Committee Member

Robertson, Joanne (EdD), Passion-Based Learning: The Design and Implementation of a New Approach to Project-Based Learning (PBL) for Alternative Education.

Choi, Suk (MA), Painting Time: Metaphor in creative process.

Bespfluag, Kevin (PhD), The Elementary School Muscal as an Authentic, Integrated Performing Arts Experience.

Ramsay, Lorna (PhD), Living Pedagogy of Embodied Voice.

Satel, Lonnie (EdD), A Study Of The English Teachers’ Association Of British Columbia, 1959-2000


MacLean, Jan (PhD), Looking beyond postmodernism: Art as a tool for social transformation.

Christoffersen, Rebecca (MA), Dancing in the Belly:Performative Inquiry in Pregnancy