Graduate Student Supervision

Graduate programs in French in the Faculty of Education include an EdD program in mixed mode delivery since 2005 and 2 Master’s programs (MA/MEd), one offered on Burnaby campus since 1996 and the other online since 2005.

Senior Supervisor: 3 PhD students in progress (Omar Nuñez Mendez, Yujuan (Jade) Wu, Magali Forte), 4 EdD in progress (Monica Tang, Isabelle Côté, Maika Tshimbalanga, Robert Lessard), 1 postdoctoral fellow completed (Marianne Jacquet), 3 PhD students graduated (Hanci Ping, Rhonda Philpott, Phong Quoch), 4 EdD student graduated (Abdoulaye Yoh, Wendy Carr), 21 MA students graduated.

Doctoral Committee Member: Andreea Fodor (PhD in progress), Angelpreet Singh (PhD in progress), Alice Prophète (EdD in progress), Liane Roy (EdD in progress), Geneviève Brisson (UBC PhD graduated), Catherine Levasseur (U de Montréal PhD graduated), Noëlle Mathis (PhD graduated), JeDene Reeder (EdD graduated), Mamadou Ka (EdD graduated), Kim Lockhart (EdD graduated), Elaine Day (PhD graduated), Cynthia Lewis (PhD graduated).