Awards and Recognition

  • Awarded Honourable Mention for the Tool Kit for High-End Differentiation and in the competition for the Cmolik Prize for the Enhancement of Public Education in BC.  This award recognizes those “who have developed and implemented an invention, innovation, concept, process or procedure that enhances educational practice in the K-12 public school system in BC.” (2016)
  • Invited to be first Dewey Fellow in Simon Fraser University’s Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines. (2015)
  • Recipient of the Award for Excellence in Scholarly Teaching in the Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University. (2014)
  • Received the Jack Patterson Award in Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Education.  “The award recognizes a staff or faculty member in the faculty who has made an outstanding contribution of a voluntary nature to the general well-being of the university community. The contribution may be made in the line of work, but beyond the normal call of duty.” (2012)
  • Contributed to the President’s Faculty Lectures on Teaching and Learning, The Essence of Good Teaching: Seeing Optimal Learning in Small Courses,  Simon Fraser University. (1999)
  • Honorary lifetime member of the Association for Educators of Gifted Talented and Creative Children in BC. (1999)