Invited Participation in Policy and Applied Research Meetings

Invited Participation in Scholarly Research Meetings

The Leiden Orphanage Symposium. Leiden, the Netherlands. Funded by the Society for Research in Child Development. May 2009.

Sparking Life Niagara planning meeting. Toronto, ON. Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, PI Ken Allison, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion. June, 2013.

Invited Participation in Policy and Applied Research Meetings

International Symposium on Social Emotional Education. Santander, Spain. Hosted by the Marcelino Botin Foundation. February, 2010; September 2010; February 2011.

Policy Think Tank on the Public Health Perspective of Early Childhood Emotional Maltreatment. Ottawa, ON. Hosted by the Family Violence Prevention Unit of the Public Health Agency of Canada. March 2009.

The BC Roundtable on Resilience. Vancouver, BC. Hosted by the BC Ministry of Education. May 2008.

Intercountry Adoption Policy Research Roundtable: Knowledge Mobilization for Better Policy and Practice. Ottawa, ON. Hosted by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. March 2004.