On-line Journals

Cassidy, W., Yates, R. & Craig, R. (Eds.) (2003–2012). Law Connection, On-Line Journal on Law-Related Education (www.lawconnection.ca). Centre for Education, Law and Society, Simon Fraser University and Justice Education Society of B.C.

Several postings of this on-line journal are made each year, each on a topical legal theme. Each theme includes a legal backgrounder, plus curriculum resources and pedagogical approaches. Themes include: International Criminal Courts; Alcohol and the law; Climate change and environment law; Social host liability; Sentencing – theory and practice; Violence in sports; Land claims and treaties; Censorship; Copyright and downloading music; Restorative justice; Buyer be smart; Role of judges; Bullying; Privacy; Law and the environment; Same sex marriage; the Kyoto Accord.