Current graduate student supervision

PhD / EdD Senior Supervisor

2018 incoming

  • Van der Putten, Sonja, Ph.D.
    Educational Theory & Practice (eTap), Equity Stream
    Faculty of Education, SFU
  • Kinch, Christina, Ph.D.
    Educational Theory & Practice (eTap), Philosophy Stream.
    Faculty of Education, SFU

2017 to current

  • Van Wingerden, Christina, Ph.D.
    Educational Technology & Learning Design
    Faculty of Education, SFU

MA / MEd Senior Supervisor

2018 incoming

  • Brown, Juliet (M.Ed.)
    Equity Studies in Education
  • Reid, Miles (M.Ed.)
    Curriculum & Instruction, Foundations
  • Tao, Timothy (M.Ed.)
    Equity Studies in Education

2017 to current

  • Sanghe, Amrit (M.Ed.)
    Equity Studies in Education

2016 to current

  • Williams, Heather (M.Ed.)
    Equity Studies in Education

Post-Doc Scholars


  • Faucher, Chantal, Ph.D.
    Cyberbullying & legal literacy research


  • Serverius, Cristina, Ph.D.
    Marginalized youth & mindfulness research


  • Waterhouse, Terry, Ed.D.
    Appointed as Adjunct Professor under my supervision
    Joint research project on refugees with City of Surrey & CELS

Completed Supervision of graduate students

PhD / EdD Senior Supervisor 4
MA / MEd Senior Supervisor  7
Committee Member  18
Comprehensive Doctoral Exam: Second reader 2
Supervisor for MEd, Comprehensive Exam Route  50
Second member, Comprehensive Exam, MEd 14
Examiner for thesis / dissertation  22